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Make an Adorable Fairy Toadstool From a Glass Bottle

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep fascination with faeries. I hear their tinkling laughter in streams and will often spend hours outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of them through the leaves. These mystical creatures can be difficult to spot, but if you’re really quiet and truly believe with a kind heart, they will show themselves. They’re finicky beings hate waste and need to know that they’re loved and appreciated. A lot like us I suppose 😉

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam. Get the how to on the blog #FairyGarden #Repupose #ACraftyMix #FairyToadstoolDIY
The mossy roof
Fairies are invisible and inaudible, just like angels. But their magic sparkles in natureClick to Tweet

We love making things for the fae folk. It’s our way of saying thank you for all the work they do it our garden. The ones that live in our house are striking at the moment UGH!! Either that or the chaos fairies have taken over completely 😀 Our garden faeries seem happy though.  We’ve recycled a lunch box for them and made a little gypsy caravan  and the desert fairies seem to enjoy their little tissue box abode.  But Spring is around the corner, which means the little people will be working overtime trying to get everything ready. So it’s probably a good idea to make them something again using this glass bottle and a plastic plate. I see a toadstool, do you? That dirty glass bottle is just the right shape for the base of the toadstool and the plate: that’s the top 😉

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam #FairyGarden #FairyToadStool #Repurpose

Wait a minute………………..

That’s not dirt. That’s fairy dust 😉 Click to Tweet

How to Turn an Empty Bottle Into a Fairy Toadstool

After gently wiping off all of the fairy dust, the glass bottle got a coat or two of spray paint.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

See it’s a toadstool stalk without the top 😉 We had a can of expanding foam that we normally use to make our gigantic faux metal keys and its expiry date was fast approaching. That stuff is just amazing, but it becomes a gooey, sticky mess when it’s past its sell-by date. So instead of letting it go to waste, we sprayed a big glob of it onto a plastic plate.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

Once the foam had dried, we used a craft knife to carve it into a toadstool shape.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

Adding The Quirky Factor

Now I don’t know about you, but I always feel that a fairy toadstool needs to be a little quirky and slightly unusual because of all the magic it’s exposed too. So a plain, slightly round toadstool didn’t quite cut it for me. It’s easy enough to fix though. Just bend a piece of wire, stick it inside and wrap some tin foil around it.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam
Some tin foil

That’s more like it. What do you think? To cover everything up we glued some dried moss all over the top. We used the same technique to create our leprechaun shoe planter. 

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

After gluing the top to the glass bottle stalk it was time to start adding a little fairy curb appeal 😉

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We used this gorgeous 3 D Sizzix die from Tim Holtz to make some faux bricks for the toadstool. I love being a Creative Sizzix Team member. They sent us a Big Shot a while back and every few months we get a package filled with awesome goodies that we get to try out for free. Aren’t those foam bricks just perfectly fairy-ish? If you don’t have a Big Shot a craft knife should work too.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

To make the door we cut up a bamboo placemat and added a brass bead for a door handle. Fairies aren’t very fond of iron for some reason, so brass, copper or silver is always a safer bet.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam

Can you see the little bricks peaking around the corner?

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam #FairyGarden #FairyToadStool #Repurpose

Aren’t they adorable? We used a copper pipe and a rusty bottle top make a chimney and ice cream sticks were cut and glued together to build a small bay window.

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam #fairygarden #recycle #toadstool

That’s what makes crafting for the fairies so much fun. You can re-purpose all kinds of things, from a lampshade to a lunchbox 😉

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam #FairyGarden #FairyToadStool #ACraftyMix #Repurpose #Recycle #Toadstool

I really hope our fairy friends like their toadstool. The top is wide enough to shelter them from our highveld storms and we were able to re-purpose a few things too. Always a bonus. Let me know what you think or if you’ve repurposed something to make a fairy garden.

Don’t forget to share it for later 😉

Isn't this fairy toadstool just adorable. It's made from a glass bottle and expanding foam #fairygarden #recycle #toadstool

Oh before I forget, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of finding some of the materials we used, we’ve got you covered Disclosure: Clicking on the links below, means we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and I’m sure the fairies will be grateful too😉

Reindeer Moss Preserved | Lime Green Moss | for Fairy Gardens, Terrariums, or Any Craft or Floral Project | Plus Free Nautical Ebook by Joseph Rains
Sale Sizzix, Multi Color, Thinlits Dies Set 661186, Mixed Media #3 by Tim Holtz, 3 Pack, One Size
Mushroom Ceramic Fairy Garden Stakes - 5 Handmade Outdoor Ornament Decorations -Made In USA - Decor Toadstools for Lawns, Planters, Gardens, Yards

Sending love and fairy wishes as always xoxoxoxoxoxo. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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  • Posted: February 7, 2018 20:30

    Kathy A

    Your fairy house is beautiful. When I had to have a tree cut down in my yard, I asked my handy man to leave the stump looking like a peaked roof so I can make a fairy house. He was not familiar with the concept and looked at me like I was really strange! Oh, well! Tinkerbelle lives on!
    • Posted: February 8, 2018 04:45


      😀 Thank you Kathy, I can just picture the look on your handy man's face when you asked him to leave a peak bit on the tree stump 😀 You go girl, us Tinkerbelles have got to stick together
  • Posted: December 30, 2017 20:58

    Dodie Parsch

    just love it, how did you make the bricks?
    • Posted: December 31, 2017 05:13


      Hey Dodie, I used this Sizzix thinlits die (https://www.sizzix.co.uk/661175/sizzix-thinlits-die-set-pk-mixed-media-3) to cut the bricks out of craft foam
  • Posted: September 2, 2017 21:07

    Keri Roberts

    Oh my gracious Michelle! This is just so sweet!!! Amazing creativity to dream this up and talent to create it! Lovely job my friend!!
    • Posted: September 4, 2017 05:58


      Ahh, thank you Keri :D
  • Posted: August 20, 2017 13:29

    Lalka Crochetka

    it is fantastic idea! thank you for sharing tutorial - maybe one day I will make a small version for my balcony as an invitation for local fairies :)
    • Posted: August 21, 2017 05:47


      I hope you do get to make a small version for your balcony. We all need some fairies in our lives
  • Posted: August 16, 2017 19:39


    Such a great idea to use a glass bottle for the bottom of the toadstool! Thanks for sharing.
    • Posted: August 17, 2017 10:53


      Thanks so much Emily :D
  • Posted: August 11, 2017 16:43

    jodie filogomo

    What a great creation!! XOXO Jodie www.jtouchofstyle.com
    • Posted: August 15, 2017 11:57


      Thank you Jodie
  • Posted: August 10, 2017 01:13

    Angie ~ Ambient Wares

    How do you come up with these things?! The bamboo mat is pure genius and fits perfectly. Any fairy would be happy to live here!
    • Posted: August 10, 2017 06:29


      :D THanks Angie, the little fairy homes are always the most fun to play around with. Almost anything can be turned into something that the fairies would enjoy
  • Posted: August 9, 2017 17:19


    That turned out so cute!
    • Posted: August 10, 2017 06:35


      Thanks so much Kay
  • Posted: August 7, 2017 22:16

    Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    Oh, my word! How CUTE is that fairy house!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures
    • Posted: August 8, 2017 07:05


      Thanks so much Marci :D
  • Posted: August 7, 2017 16:16

    Oliver Terry

    Will be a great addition for my garden. What amazing and fun projects!
    • Posted: August 8, 2017 07:08


      :D Thank you Oliver
  • Posted: August 6, 2017 22:53


    Oh my - how I love faeries too! This is super cute, Michelle. I am so in love with it. I would love to try and create one like it someday soon. I love that foam! Never saw that product before. I always learn so much from your posts. Thanks so much for sharing!
    • Posted: August 7, 2017 06:48


      Expanding foam is one of my new favorite things to have in my crafty arsenal ;-) Thanks so much Carolann
    • Posted: September 9, 2019 22:00


      The expanding foam is intended as weather insulation for filling cracks and crevices so can be found in the home repair department. I think that this is a much better use!😉
  • Posted: August 6, 2017 20:09


    Michelle, that expanding foam is the bomb! I've never seen that before, but I can see all sorts of interesting applications for it. Love that you used it to create that imaginative, creative toadstool. I'm sure the fairies love it :)
    • Posted: August 7, 2017 06:52


      Isn't it just the best stuff? You've got to try it Jelica. You'll probably find it in most hardware or home improvement stores and I'm sure you'll do something amazing with it :D
  • Posted: August 6, 2017 09:59

    Christina Makri

    Really I have no words with your imagination my sweet friend!!! You took so many different items, you wisely combined them and a dreamy fairy toadstool was born!!! Many many congratulations!
    • Posted: August 8, 2017 07:10


      Thank you so much Christina, that's so lovely of you to say :D
  • Posted: August 5, 2017 01:51

    FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks

    Michelle, that is so incredibly sweet and clever. You have such an artistic eye. The fairy home is adorable...love the bricks & little door. We have some of that foam too. Hubby uses it to fill openings around doors and such. Never thought of using it like you did. And what are these gigantic keys you're talking about?
    • Posted: August 8, 2017 11:43


      Glad you like it Florence :D The first time I played with the foam we made some giant rusty faux metal keys, which turned out great. You need to sneak one of those bottles away from the hubby and try it
  • Posted: August 5, 2017 00:16

    Hey Sharonoox

    This looks amazing! I really like the uniqueness and creativity in this. It's so cute I want to try it.
    • Posted: August 8, 2017 07:11


      Hope you get to try it soon ;-)
  • Posted: August 4, 2017 20:19


    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching you work magic Michelle! And I am always smitten with your projects - this is just adorable!
    • Posted: August 5, 2017 07:31


      Wow Maya, what a lovely thing to say. I must admit I feel the same way about the things you share. They're always so different and unique
  • Posted: August 3, 2017 23:44


    This is just absolutely adorable. And you make it sound so easy!
    • Posted: August 4, 2017 07:37


      Thanks Aditi, I must admit this is on of the easier ones we made :D
  • Posted: August 3, 2017 14:32

    Tiffany Yong

    Confession: At the start, I was wondering what's this piece of white S**t!? But lo and behold, you've really made the toadstool bottle so cool that I'm gonna try it for myself too~
    • Posted: August 3, 2017 16:05


      LOL Tiffany :D I have to agree with you though, it does looks a bit strange in the photo. Thanks so much for the laugh
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 21:18

    Victoria Stacey

    This is such an adorable project! I was not imagining how it turned out in the beginning. I love it though!
    • Posted: August 3, 2017 12:39


      Oh I'm glad to hear that Victoria, thank you very much
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 20:20

    Sadhna Grover

    O M G, This is amazing, how do you get these wonderful ideas. I really like the mossy roof. The brick work is so cute.
    • Posted: August 3, 2017 12:40


      Thank you so much my friend, I really appreciate that
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 17:23


    What I would do to spend a day with you guys to watch you work your magic and hope, like a faerie, that some of that talent brushed off on me. This is absolutely adorable!!!
    • Posted: August 3, 2017 12:41


      Wouldn't that be just wonderful Marie, but I think you have quite a few fairies watching over your shoulders when you create all your master pieces ;-)
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 16:28


    I am always fascinated by all your creations, but those made thinking about your fairies are my favorites. No wonder they take care of your garden, they know they are loved and give back. I need to show this to my daughters, but maybe I need to keep in on my Pinterest for a while or they'll ask me to make one too. The small bay window stole my heart too
    • Posted: August 3, 2017 16:10


      Thanks so much Pili, they're just so much fun to make and I'm very glad the fairies help us in the garden ;-)
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 12:47

    Gail @Purple Hues and Me

    This is so precious and very creative, Michelle! I love it! You have a very innovative imagination!
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 15:49


      Thanks so much Gail :D
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 11:31


    I love how you are so creative. The toadstool is adorable and I bet the fairies that live there are thrilled.
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 11:48


      Awww Debra, thank you my friend. I sure hope they're happy with their new toadstool :D
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 09:43

    Linda at Mixed Kreations

    Wow Michelle that fairy toadstool is super super cute. You just amazing me with your creativity. I can see why your fairies take care of the yard, they have the best fairy houses, and toadstools around. Why wouldn't they be happy and want to spread fairy dust everywhere. 😊
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 12:02


      Our garden fairies are the best. I just wish the ones in our house would wave their magic wands though. It looks like a crafty bomb went off inside ;-)
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 09:29

    Elizabeth O

    That is so adorable. How creative as well!! I love it.
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 12:01


      Thanks so much Elizabeth, I'm glad you like it
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 06:43


    Spray paint does wonder for everything. I love the idea of this. I always see these glass bottles at the dollar store and did not pick them up.
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 12:01


      Spray paint is the best thing ever :D
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 00:54


    This toadstool is so darn cute! I'm not a very crafty person so all I can do is admire people like you.
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 05:17


      Thank you so much Samantha, but I honestly believe we're all crafty at something. For you it could be writing or making meals, not my strong point BTW ;-)
  • Posted: August 2, 2017 00:13

    Emely Roman

    This is so friggin cool! I saw a doc about a mystery person doing something like this all over a town. It was amazing
    • Posted: August 2, 2017 11:59


      I saw that too Emely, it was such an amazing gesture. I would love to sneak some of our fairy creations around town like she did