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WE’RE CRAZZZZZZEEEEE ABOUT GETTING CRAFTY!!! Okay now I’ve got that off my chest let me tell you a little about us. We’re two IT geeks who love DIY and getting our hands dirty. Mr Muscle

Meet Geek number 1 – Shaun Sinclair or Sonnitjie (little sunshine in Afrikaans) to his friends. The go to guy who’s so handy with a saw, drill, hammer and other boy toys. DBA by day and DIYér by night, he’s the voice of reason and the muscles in everything we do.

Mix RoundGeek number 2 – that’s me. Michelle Leslie aka Mix. When I’m not analyzing data, I’m scheming and dreaming about what we can build, change, plant or paint.

We live in a gorgeous fixer upper, which we’ve spent 10 years remodeling with very little money and lots of beer.  We’re pretty down to earth and often don’t have a clue what we’re doing, but as they say “Google is your friend” (Pinterest too, BTW). So with a little help from our virtual friends and a lot of help from our real ones, we slowly figured it out.  We share our beautiful home with two adorable kids and eight furry babies 😛 .

Meet the Furries ,from left to right we have Cleo, the only snob in the family. Jazz, the beauty queen. Merlin, the old softy. Joe, who seriously thinks he’s a dog. Sammy, the fussy old man. Lulu, who will sneak onto your lap and never, ever move. Kayla, the gentle soul and finally Zia, the naughty one. She doesn’t just steal everything on the pub counter she’s also stolen everyone’s hearts.

In 2012 we found a sad little old rondavel at the South Coast that needed some TLC and was totally within our budget. We just had to have it!!!  We’ve tried to tackle one room at a time, as budget and time allowed to create a holiday home where our family and friends are always welcome. Our holiday home is really, really small, only 64 m2  😎 but it has view to die for and living in sunny South Africa we get to spend a lot of time outdoors, braaing, watching the birds and staring down the monkeys.

We love sharing our crazy DIY escapades and remodeling ideas with anyone who has a tight budget and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. We really want to help empower you to do-it-yourself. We strive to share tips, tricks and tutorials that are easy to understand and give you the confidence to tackle your own DIY endeavors.

Thank you for joining us on on journey. Let’s do it together.


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