OMW, less than a month to go before Christmas. Where does the time go? I’ve hardly swept the sleep from my eyes and poof the year’s almost gone. Talking about sweeping, what kind of brooms do you use at home? Here in South Africa, every household has a grass broom. We buy them on the street corners and nothing beats the way those brooms clean. Well, most of the time 😉 The last one I bought started losing it’s sweepy, grass bits way to quickly for my liking. But that was actually a good thing coz if you take it apart and flip it around, you can turn it into a unique broom Christmas tree, perfect for this month’s IBC Christmas challenge.

How to repurpose a broom into a Christmas tree. Fun Festive Decor with a twist #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

Add a few faux flowers and ribbons and you have yourself a one of a kind festive tree that will add a whimsical touch inside or out. And if you’re lazy like me, then it can stay up the whole year too 😉

Another view of the flowers from the bottom up #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

The broom Christmas tree doesn’t take up a lot of space either. She’s quite tall and thin, so if you live in an apartment and don’t have the room for a traditional Christmas tree, this one is perfect.

Another view of the flowers from the bottom up #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

If you’re not keen on using flowers, you can always add baubles or homemade ornaments instead. RightyO , before I get to the tutorial let me quickly tell you a little more about the IBC (Int’l Bloggers Club).

What’s the IBC all about

We’re a bunch of bloggers from all over the world who get together every month to make something using a common theme. Last month our theme was Flannel and we made a pair of flip flop flannel slippers, that have become my ultimate doggy doo-doo weapons. I’m always surprised by how we all interpret the same theme in so many different ways. You can see what everyone else did with their Christmas challenge at the bottom of the tutorial.

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What you need to make a grass broom Christmas tree

  • Ribbons
  • Faux flowers or baubles
  • A tall container
  • Small pebbles
  • Hammer or some kind of smacking thing
  • and a Grass broom 😉

This is what ours looked like before she turned into a flower-adorned Christmas tree.

Just a boring old grass broom #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

How to repurpose a grass broom into a Christmas tree

This is a really easy and fun repurpose idea and it only takes three steps to turn that broom into a Christmas tree.

Step 1 – Remove the nail or wire that attaches the broom, sweepy bits to the handle.

Remove the nail or wire that attaches the broom to the handle. #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

Step 2 – Flip the broom, sweepy bits, around, and slip the broomstick back inside and secure with a nail.

Remove the nail or wire that attaches the broom to the handle. #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

You should end up with something like this.

After turn the broom around. #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

Step 3 – Plant your broom Christmas tree in a suitable container that won’t tip over. We put ours in a tall galvanized bucket that’s been filled with pebbles. And that’s it my friends. Your unique and unusual repurposed Christmas tree is ready to be decorated.

Fill a tall container with pebbles. #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

Decorating the broom Christmas tree with faux flowers

To decorate we chose to hang a whole bunch of faux flowers on ours.

A collection of faux flowers and ribbons to adorn the broom Christmas tree #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

Small baubles, bought or handmade, will work too. Or if you’re a baker, you can make some of these gorgeous little gingerbread ornaments and hang them instead.

To hang the ornaments, use a large sewing needle to thread the ribbon into the tree.

Sew the ribbon into the broom Christmas tree #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

And then attach the ornaments to the ribbon.

Add the ribbon to the flowers #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

You can add as many ornaments as you want. Just make sure they all hang at different levels to add some visual interest.

Another view of the flowers on the repurposed grass broom Christmas tree #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

I wove a few more flowers into the sweepy bit, and added string lights and a star on top of the broom Christmas tree and called it a day 😀

Close up of the star on top of the broom Christmas tree #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

So easy and sooooooo pretty.

Another view of the flowers from the top down #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

And when Christmas is done and dusted you can take it apart and reuse all the bits and pieces in another craft project.

Close up of the individual flower #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree

What do you think? Would you make a broom Christmas tree to add to your festive decor?

If you like the idea of a unique broom Christmas tree, don’t forget to pin it for later.

How to repurpose a broom into a unique Christmas tree. Fun Festive Decor with a twist #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree #uniqueChristmastree

Caring is sharing 😉

How to repurpose a broom into a unique Christmas tree. Fun Festive Decor with a twist #broomrepurpose #broomchristmastree #acraftymix #broomdecor #christmastree #DIYChristmasTree #uniqueChristmastree

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Until next time, I hope you have a lovely crafty week. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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