Have you tried layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT? OMW, the results are amazing. Just look at this little bit of opulent gorgeousness we created a few weeks back on a concrete bell pepper.


Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form.  #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

Who knew that a common old veggie fruit could be transformed into something that looks like a rare and exotic jewel. Aren’t those colors just gorgeous?


Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form. #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

And all it took was a few layers of Sparkling Unicorn SPiT. Magical stuff that. If you’ve never heard of it, Unicorn SPiT is a multi-purpose paint, glaze, and gel stain that creates the most beautiful 3-D, vibrant effect on all kinds of surfaces. I’ve used it on wood to make a fishy boho wall hanging, painted a tiny fabric hammock  and turned ordinary glass into a verre eglomise mirror. The possibilities are endless.  

Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form. #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

So in today’s tutorial, I’ll be sharing how to make a concrete bell pepper and step-by-step instructions to create that seamless, jewel-like effect with a little bit of SPiT 😉 The same technique will work on anything that’s paintable. Right, before we get there, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post!

Making a concrete bell pepper

I really enjoy making concrete forms, whether it’s a bootilicious pear, a wood nymph, or a pumpkin. When I found this huge bell pepper at our local store I just knew she was destined for greater things. She was quite a handful in my humble opinion 😉


A common green pepper that will be used to create the mold

I mixed up a batch of our 2-ingredient recipe to make a mold of the bell pepper.


Make up a batch of the two-ingredient mold

If you haven’t played around with making your own molds yet, you’ve got to go check that recipe out. It’s super easy and uses things you probably already have at home. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I know you’re intrigued.

Okay you’re back 😀 Place the mold around the pepper making sure to squish it into all the nooks and crannies, especially around the top where the stalk is. Wait for the mold to dry and use a sharp craft knife to slice the molded pepper in two.


Steps in molding and demolding the green pepper

Remove the pepper, save the seeds so you can plant them later, and add the bell pepper to your compost heap. Mix up a batch of concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions and pour the concrete inside the two pepper halves. If concrete isn’t your thing you can also use Plaster of Paris.


Mix up a batch of concrete and pour inside the green pepper

Gently shake or tap the mold halves to get rid of any air bubbles and place them on a flat surface to dry completely. Make sure the molds are filled to the brim with concrete. Once dry, unmold the concrete bell peppers halves and glue them together using a 1:1:2 mix of water, glue, and cement. Brush a little bit of water onto each half before applying the mixture. It makes the bond stronger. You can also use Bondo to join the pepper halves. Smooth away any rough edges with your fingers and leave to dry.


Glue the two green pepper halves together before applying the Unicorn SPiT

It’s important to wait for your concrete pepper to dry completely before blending and layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT on top. Unicorn SPiT gel stain is activated by water, and you don’t want any water seeping through from the concrete when you start painting. When it’s completely dry, about a week, depending on where you stay, you can start layering on all those beautiful SPiT colors.

How to layer Sparkling Unicorn SPiT

I’ve used acrylics and stains on our concrete projects before, but I’ve never tried Sparkling SPiT. So this was a first for me.


Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form. #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

For the bell pepper I chose three colors Sparkling SPiT colors:

  • Violet Vultures (purple),
  • Sapphire Swift (blue),
  • and Lavish Lovebirds (green).

Don’t you just love those names 😀


I used Violet Vulture, Sapphire Swift and Lavish Lovebirds Sparkling Unicorn SPiT on the concrete green pepper

If you haven’t layered Sparkling Unicorn SPiT before, I would suggest practicing on a scrap piece of wood or a blank canvas. It makes it easier to get the hang of things before you start.

Choosing a background color

To create those intensely deep, rich jewel-like tones, I painted the entire bell pepper black.


Paint the concrete green pepper with Midnight black to create a base for the next colors

Not only does it make for an interesting background to paint on, but it also changes the intensity of the colors you add on top. To demonstrate how important the background or base color is when it comes to layering, I used a blank canvas and painted one side black and left the other side white. You can see the difference in contrast, value (color lightness or darkness), and hue (color purity) of the Sparkling gel stain between the white and black halves.


Violet Vulture, Sapphire Swift and Lavish Lovebirds Sparkling Unicorn SPiT on a black and white background

The black background makes the colors come alive. It’s even more apparent when the Unicorn SPiT is spread out and thinned down as shown below.


A good example of how the Unicorn SPit looks on two dramatically different backgrounds

Underpainting with black is also a great way to harmonize and unify the different parts. I always seal my base color with a clear, water-based matt sealer to prevent any bleed through into the layers I’ll be adding on top.

Layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT

Before you start layering, make sure to shake your Unicorn SPiT bottles really, really well, so all those gorgeous sparkly bits are evenly distributed throughout the gel stain. If you’re new to layering, it’s a good idea to pick colors from the same color palette; either warm or cool. It makes it easier to transition from one to the other. It’s also important not to add too many layers at once to avoid creating something that looks muddy and overworked. The rule of thumb is less is better than more.

To demonstrate, I’ll use a black canvas. It’s easier to see how it’s done. Start by putting three separate colors down, purple, blue, and green. Use a clean paintbrush, and gently spread the purple. Clean the brush and spread the green. Clean the paintbrush again and then move the blue into the purple to blend slightly.


Blending and layering Unicorn SPiT on a black canvas to see how it intensifies the colors

Don’t move the brush over the surface too much, or the two colors will over mix and produce one flat, bleh color. Use gentle brush strokes and a clean paintbrush to avoid contaminating the pure, vibrant, undiluted colors. Repeat the same process by blending the blue into the green.


A snapshot after blending the first layer of Unicorn SPiT

Wait for the first “blended” layer to dry before adding the second layer. If you apply a new layer of Sparkling Unicorn SPiT too quickly, you run the risk of “lifting” the previous one. Fortunately, Unicorn SPiT doesn’t take too long to dry. Apply a second layer over the first and blend again.


A snapshot after blending and layering the second layer of Unicorn SPiT

Repeat until you’ve built up enough layers. You still want to see a hint of that black background through all the layers. Don’t worry too much if your colors appear dull when they’re dry. That’s just how Unicorn SPiT works. Once you added enough layers and applied a clear gloss sealer over the top, those colors will pop again.

Some final thoughts about layering

The key to layering is transparency, and Sparkling Unicorn SPiT is by its very nature translucent. It’s one of the things that makes it so easy to use, and it’s that translucency that makes it so perfect for layering too. Just have fun. Don’t overwork the blending and layering process and focus on letting the underlying layers show through the subsequent ones. I can guarantee you the end result will be luminous and sooooo beautiful.


I do hope that after so many years of all-white and grey neutrals we’ll start embracing glorious, vibrant layers of color again.

If you’d like these tips on how to layer Sparkling Unicorn SPiT don’t forget to pin it for later.


Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form. #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

Do you prefer to play it safe or do you enjoy using vibrant, beautiful colors in your décor? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Get the full tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous jewel-like effect by layering Sparkling Unicorn SPiT onto a concrete form. #SparklingUnicornSpit #UnicornSpitConcrete #acraftymix #Greenpepperjewel #ConcreteUnicornspit #concretejewel #unicornspitsparkling #howtouseunicornspit #unicornspittutorial #unicornspitDIY

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