When you’re revamping on a budget you need to count every penny or try to anyway 🙂 We were really pretty strict on how we spent our money and tried to follow some ground rules – don’t buy something if you can make it. And if you can’t make it always pay cash. I only broke the rules once and went completely bonkers when I bought a silver Moroccan basin for our upstairs bathroom on our credit card. Silly me, but in my defense, it’s abSoooooLutly gorgeous. So after my slip up, we had to compromise a little. The cash now went to paying off the credit card instead of getting those bathroom accessories that were on sale. Bummer 🙁 So we reverted to rule number one and made this towel rack from an old branch.

How to make a unique towel rack from a branch. Quick and easy DIY tutorial #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor  #Acraftymix

Pretty neat right??!! She fits in beautifully with the rustic, natural decor of the downstairs bathroom and she’s super easy to make too.

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What you need to make a branch towel rack

Probably the most important thing when making this towel rack is to find a branch that’s got a good curve. We have tons of trees in the garden, so that wasn’t a problem. Leave the branch for a few weeks to dry out and give her a good spray to get rid of any bugs. You’ll also need:

  • sandpaper (60 grit and 120 grit)
  • waterproof stain or sealer
  • handsaw
  • drill
  • gorilla glue (optional)
  • curtain accessories

We’ll only be using the bits you screw into the wall that keeps the curtain rod up.

What you need to make a unique branch towel rack. #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

How to make a branch towel rack

Once the branch has dried out nicely, trim her down to size and remove any small side branches.

remove the side branches #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor  #Acraftymix

If your branch has lots of flaky bark like ours, you’ll need to take it all off to avoid snagging the towels. OMW, it’s not easy deflaking a branch and those little side twigs hurt, but when you’re feeling a little guilty then you have to persevere 😀 Once all the bark has been removed use some 60 grit sandpaper to get rid of all the leftover rough bits. It took quite a bit of sanding (more punishment) until it was nice a smooth and I had to saw off a few more knobs and bumps as I went along.

Sand and deflak or debark the curved branch. #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor

To finish off, use a 120 grit sandpaper to smooth her out. Stain and sealer the branch towel rack with a waterproof sealer. We used some of that beautiful walnut stain we had leftover from making the luggage chest of drawers. Such a pretty color don’t you think?

Stain the branch. #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

Hanging the branch towel rack

To get the branch towel rack ready to hang, cut the ends off of the curtain accessories with a hacksaw.

Cut the round bit off of the curtain rod accessory with a hacksaw #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor

You should end up with something like this.

Use the spikey bit of the cut-up curtain accessory to figure out what size drill bit you need and drill two holes on either end of the branch.

Drill a hole in the branch and insert the curtain accessory. #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor

To hang the towel rack, simply mark where it needs to go on the wall and attach the cut-up curtain accessories.

How to make a towel rack from a branch. Quick and Easy Home Decor #DIYHomeDecor #DIYTutorial

We found it easier to mount the curtain accessories first before adding the branch towel rack. There’s more space for the drill and screwdriver. If the towel rack feels a little bit wobbly, put some gorilla glue in the holes first.

How to make a unique towel rack from a branch. Quick and easy DIY tutorial #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

And that’s it. So easy and it hardly costs a thing.

How to make a unique towel rack from a branch. Quick and easy DIY tutorial #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

An inexpensive, one of a kind towel rack to make up for a very expensive, but oh soooooo gorgeous impulse buy 😉 I added a little bag we made from an old pocket to store a few bathroom necessities on the one end of the branch.

Hang a small pocket hand bag from the end to store all those bathroom goodies. #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

What do you think? Would you make a branch towel rack for your bathroom?

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How to make a unique towel rack from a branch. Quick and easy DIY tutorial #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix
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How to make a unique towel rack from a branch. Quick and easy DIY tutorial #DIYHomeDecor #Branchtowelrack #branchrepurpose #DIYTutorial #DIYBathroomdecor #Acraftymix

Looking for another crazy and unique branch repurposing idea, then you’ll love our eco-friendly branch mug planters. They make beautiful gifts and look gorgeous filled with succulents.

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And as always, here’s wishing you a beautiful, crafty week filled with lots of love. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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