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How to Turn a Boring Bureau into an Epic Stack of Suitcases

How to turn a boring chest of drawers into this classic stack of suitcases #DresserMakeover #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #RepurposedDresser #acraftymix #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser #chestofdrawers #DIYdresser

I have always loved those pictures of vintage suitcases stacked one on top of the other. There’s just something about the look that makes me think of a life well-traveled and filled with adventure. Those stack of suitcases evoke memories of faraway places and conquering the unknown, like these beauties from Overstock.com. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Three Colored Vintage Style Luggage Suitcase from Overstock

I wanted my own stack of suitcases sooo badly. But they’ve become horribly expensive, and it’s quite a challenge finding a set that looks good together. We do however have a very boring pine chest of drawers, or bureau as it’s called in America, that desperately needed a makeover.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers this classic look #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #DresserMakeover  #RepurposedDresser #acraftymix #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser #chestofdrawers #DIYdresser

We’ve had the chest of drawers for about 20 years now, and her bones were still good, unlike that other cupboard that was falling apart. The drawers slide nicely and there’s tons of storage space for all our t-shirts and jerseys. But she needed a facelift. Kinda like her owner 😉 And the only facelift I wanted to give her involved these really battered suitcases that we found at the local hospice.

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Broken suitcases before they were destroyed to make the epic stack of luggage dresser. #DIYHOmeDecor #SuitcaseDresser #Tutorial

There was even a tatty old handbag thrown into the mix.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

I think I paid R40 for everything, which included two briefcases, the handbag, 4 floppy suitcases and one of those old cardboard school suitcases. That’s not even $5, but they were really badly damaged.

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How To Repurpose a Chest Of Drawers into a Stack of Suitcases

To start the makeover we removed everything worth saving from those battered suitcases. The handles, locks, buckles, straps, bits of leather even the tags if they were pretty enough.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

Some of the handles were easy to remove, and for some of the others, we had to use a combination of tin snips, hammer and brute force to get them off 😀

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

Once the suitcases had been totally destroyed, we had everything we needed to turn that boring dresser into a vintage stack of suitcases.

Getting the Chest of Drawers Ready for her Makeover

We removed all the drawers and took the little wooden knobs off.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

Using lots of elbow grease and a sander we stripped the varnish and gave the frame of the dresser a deep lustrous coat of Rustoleum’s American Walnut stain and sealer to match the decor in our bedroom.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

Then it was time to start playing around. Both the hubby and I work full time as IT geeks for large banks so the only time we can DIY is usually over a weekend. Fortunately for us, most banks in South Africa have an IT freeze during December, which means we can’t work. And that gave us more than enough time to tackle the drawers.

Each Drawer Needed to Look Unique

I really wanted them all to be different and still form a harmonious whole. So I needed to limit myself to colors from the same temperature family or find one or two colors and then use variations of those colors. Because the dresser had been stained in a rich brown, we decided to stick with the warmer tones. The first drawer we made over was this one.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

We sprayed the whole drawer with a metallic copper which seemed like a good idea, but as soon as we put the drawer next to the walnut stained dresser, it looked too cold and, well metallic!! Bling, bling definitely didn’t fit the whole vintage feel we were going for. To tone her down, we used a piece of hessian as a stencil before applying a coat of brown paint over the metallic paint.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

Keeping The Real Suitcase Look

One of the other things I really wanted to do was retain that tactile feeling of a real suitcase. So we used contact adhesive to glue some of the leather we’d salvaged from the damaged suitcases to cover the drawers. The drawers are quite wide, so the leather had to be joined. The salvaged suitcase buckles were perfect for hiding the small gap where the leather came together. We just glued them over the join.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

And if you don’t have enough salvaged leather bits to cover a long drawer and hide the joins, you can always turn one drawer into two suitcases 😉

How to turn a boring chest of drawers into this classic stack of suitcases #DresserMakeover #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #RepurposedDresser #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser

Oh and save those leftover faux leather bits so you can use the pieces to repurpose DVD cases to make an awesome vertical garden. All the suitcase handles were screwed onto the front of the drawers.

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

And the locks, buckles and, straps were either glued on or screwed on.

Adding the broken suitcase bits and pieces  to make the epic stack of luggage dresser. #DIYHOmeDecor #SuitcaseDresser #Tutorial

And for the lip of the suitcase, I used a permanent marker and a ruler.

Adding Fun Labels

No stack of suitcases is complete without a stamp or sticker to show where you’ve been, right? The Graphics Fairy was my go-to place to get a few of those. As luck would have it, one of the labels was for Sinclair’s conditioning powder. Can you guess what the hubby’s surname is 😉

There's just something about a vintage stack of suitcases that I love. Come see how we gave a boring chest of drawers the look

I have to be honest. The dresser facelift took us way longer than I thought, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

A beautiful rich stain brings everything together in this stunning dresser makeover #stackofsuitcases #luggagedrawers #acraftymix

Every drawer is unique, and besides the time and the stain, it only cost us about R150 for the whole makeover. That’s about $10 😀 And since the handles are all screwed into the drawers, pulling them open is a breeze. We used a thread sealant called Loctite on the screws before we screwed them in, just to make sure they don’t come loose. Those babies ain’t going nowhere 😉

How to turn a boring chest of drawers into this classic stack of suitcases #DresserMakeover #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #RepurposedDresser #acraftymix #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser #chestofdrawers #DIYdresser

What do you think? Was it worth the time? I really wanted to write a post about how we changed each drawer, but looking through all the photos, I forgot to take a whole bunch. So the best I can do is share some tips if you’d like to do something similar.

Tips on how to repurpose a bureau or chest of drawers into a stack of suitcases

  • Look for really, really damaged suitcases. The ones with big rips in them and bent frames. All you want is the “hardware” (the handles, locks, buckles and interesting bits). If the locks don’t close that’s also okay. You can just glue them shut.
  • Before painting or staining the dresser, choose a color palette that matches or compliments your existing decor.  We have terracotta tiles throughout the house, so we tend to stick with warmer colors.
  • Choose a muted, neutral color for the frame of the dresser to anchor the piece. The walnut stain we used creates a beautiful backdrop to showcase each drawer.
  • Don’t worry too much if the suitcases don’t match. Everything can be painted. We used a wash of acrylic paint to “warm-up” the leather that we stuck on the drawer second from the bottom. Even the hardware can be painted to fit your color scheme
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  • If you don’t want to glue leather onto the drawers you can play around with interesting stencils or just paint each drawer before adding the hardware.
  • Add interesting touches and don’t be scared to mix and match the salvaged bits. Look at pictures of actual suitcases and try and mimic the look. We used bits of leather on the corner of some of the drawers and stuck then on with glue and thumbtacks.

Mix and match pieces from the broken suitcases to create interest
  • To create a “lip” (the portion that where the lid goes over the suitcase) just use a ruler and a sharpie to draw a line all the way across. About 1/3 of the way down from the top.
  • Make sure to align the handles in the center of the drawers before screwing them in. You don’t want your luggage chest of drawers to look like it’s going to topple over 😉
  • Treat each drawer as an individual work of art. Take your time. We tackled one drawer a day and experimented with all the bits and pieces until we were happy before sticking or screwing everything down.
  • A few labels or stamps add to the vintage feel. The Graphics Fairy has a whole bunch that you can download for free. She’s the best.

I Love Our Epic Stack of Suitcases

Every time I look at the chest of drawers, erhmm I mean stack of suitcases, I feel like a modern-day Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, dreaming of a world of travel. I’m ready to pack up and go at a moment’s notice 😉 And she looks so lovely with our room divider nightstands.

How to turn a boring chest of drawers into this classic stack of suitcases #DresserMakeover #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #RepurposedDresser #acraftymix #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser #chestofdrawers #DIYdresser

But I would love to know what you think of the idea of turning a boring dresser into a stack of suitcases. Is it something you would do?

If you like the idea of repurposing a chest of drawers into a stack of suitcases, please don’t forget to share and pin it for later.

How to turn a boring chest of drawers into this classic stack of suitcases #DresserMakeover #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #RepurposedDresser #acraftymix #RepurposedFurniture #SuitcaseDresser #chestofdrawers #DIYdresser

What about you? Do you love vintage suitcases as much as I do? By the way, if you’re struggling to find some of the things we used, I’ve got you covered. Disclosure: If you click on the links below, we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and it helps us come up with more unique DIY and craft ideas for you;-)

IKEA RAST dresser, Wood Color
Hillman Hardware Essentials 852408 Luggage Handles 6' Brown
And if you prefer to buy rather than DIY then perhaps these beauties will appeal.
Sale Vintiquewise(TM) 3-Colored Vintage Style Luggage Suitcase/Trunk, Set of 3
Vintiquewise(TM) Old Vintage Suitcase/Decorative Trunk, Set of 3
SLPR Worthington Wooden Suitcase with Straps (Set of 2, Dark Brown) | Old-Fashioned Antique Vintage Style Nesting Trunks for Shelf Home Decor Birthday Parties Wedding Decoration Displays Crafts

And as always, wishing you a wonderful, crafty week filled with lots of love. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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      Hi there 💖, each suitcase is actually a drawer that's been made to look like the front of a suitcase using whatever we could salvage from those really old, bent and battered ones we found at the thrift store.
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        Laura Salvatore

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      Awwww Judi, you just made my day, thank you so much. We made the luggage dresser two years ago and it's still one of my all time favorite makeovers. I think your idea of incorporating passport stamps is genius, especially since they'll bring back all those wonderful memories for you 💞
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      Hi Anon, the handles have all been screwed into the drawer fronts. We did put a little bit of loctite on the screws first to make sure they don't come out
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          Thank you very much Lois 😍 and yes those handles are definitely strong enough. They've just been screwed into the drawers and haven't budged and we use the dresser every single day. I'll see if I can find a picture of us adding the handles. I know we took some and I'll add t the post.
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      Oh my Cate. I'm not sure how to respond to your comment. We both prefer making and recycling things to posing for pretty photos. First off my husband would never slap me, he's a gentleman and you're right I do look like I'm ready to fall asleep 😀 That's my night time look. We share DIY and craft tutorials on our blog and I'm sorry that our profile picture didn't appeal to you. It's one of the few we've got of the two of us so it's kinda special to me.
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