I was cleaning out my craft cupboard the other day. Well trying to any way 😀 and came across some bits of pottery that I’d been saving up for a mosaic project. I  have no idea what happened. Some of the pieces had cracked (I probably didn’t bake them long enough) and others had broken. One little piece even had some glue all over it  🙁 I had to find a way to either give them a new lease on life or chuck them.

A collection of broken pottery pieces and unfinished art work

I’m a  bit of a hoarder so the thought of throwing them away only lasted about a millisecond 8)  A few of the bits looked like they could make an interesting something. So I grabbed some felt, wire, glue, and a pallet block from the craft cupboard and abandoned my clean-up effort. Does that happen to you too?

To turn broken potter into art you need a block of wood, felt and wire

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How to Turn Broken Bits Into Art

Trace the outline of the pottery bits onto a piece of paper to create a pattern.

Trace around the broken bit

Use the paper pattern pieces to cut the shapes out of felt. The felt needs to be trimmed slightly to make it smaller than the piece of pottery. Cut some wire and place it on the back of the pottery piece and glue it down with Gorilla glue.

Glue the felt on the back of the pottery piece

Lay the piece of felt down over the wire and glue down firmly. Trim any excess away if need be.

Glue the felt down to hide the wire

Once the glue dries, play around with all the wired-up pottery bits. It helps to get a sense of how to position the bits. Use the basic design principle of odd numbers to try to create a more dynamic layout. Add visual interest by staggering the bits. Often the easiest but most powerful layouts use one strong visual combined with the same alignment and consistent use of color. I decided to make the larger broken face my focal point. The smaller hearts and faces were used to add balance.

Add the felt and wire to all the pieces and group them by height and shape

Once I was happy with the general layout I cut the wire. To display the broken pottery I choose to use a block of wood, that had been sanded smooth and given a clear coat of wax.

Sand the wood block smooth and drill holes

We drilled 5 small holes in the pallet block and pushed the wired pottery bits into the holes. You may need to trim the wire again and move things around.

Turn broken pottery bits into home decor. Quick and easy repurpose #BrokenPottery #ACraftyMix #BrokenArt

I love the look of raw wood, cracks and all. Its rough simplicity compliments the broken pottery bits perfectly. Once happy, remove the wire and put a small dollop of glue on the tip. Insert the wire into their holes again.

Turn broken pottery bits into home decor. Quick and easy repurpose #BrokenPottery #ACraftyMix #BrokenArt

I’m really happy with how it turned out. The Floating Heads statue makes a really nice statement in our lounge.

Turn broken pottery bits into home decor. Quick and easy repurpose #BrokenPottery #ACraftyMix #BrokenArt

I would love to know what you think? Have you made a work of art using broken bits?

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Turn broken pottery bits into home decor. Quick and easy repurpose #BrokenPottery #ACraftyMix #BrokenArt

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