If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, why not put together an oops, ouch, eina first aid kit? Quick, easy, and filled with loads of character, it will definitely make someone’s day.


Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a jar #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

What You Need to Make a First Aid Kit in a Bottle

All you need is an empty container, a beautiful old French Apothecary label from the graphics fairy, some empty containers or tubs, first aid stuff, mod podge, and some glue.


Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a jar #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

Measure the lids of your containers to find out how big your labels need to be. We chose to use two different-sized containers.


Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a jar #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

Re-size the Apothecary label using Photoshop or any other picture editing software. I used Paint.net – since it’s free and really easy to use. I also made two 10 cm diameter labels for the bottle, one for the front with “Oops, Ouch, Eina” on the label and another one for the back for emergency numbers.


Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a jar #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

Print the labels and apply a few coats of mod podge to protect them before cutting them out. Stick the labels on the containers making sure that what’s on the label matches what’s in the container. You don’t want to give someone a diarrhea pill when they’ve got a headache 😉 Add the bigger labels to the outside of the bottle, one in front and another at the back, using jewelry glue. Jewelry glue on the glass works like a charm, and it dries clear too.


Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a jar #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

Filling Up the First Aid Kit

Fill your first aid kit with everything you think you might need. We added the following to ours:

  • A suture kit
  • A syringe and tweezers
  • Plasters, swabs, and gauze
  • Aspirin, Anti-acid pills, and Arnica
  • Rubber bands
  • Earbuds

That’s it. A super practical, easy-to-make gift idea. And you can customize it any way you want to. Ours says oops, ouch, eina. Eina means “it’s sore” in Afrikaans 😉

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Such a cool gift idea - a first aid kit in a bottle #giftIdeas #DIYFirstAidKit #ChristmasGifts

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Until next time, I hope you have a beautiful, creative week. Love as always

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