I found this funky contraption at a swop shop in Valhalla and had no idea what it was used for. Apparently it’s called a cable tensioner and it’s perfect for making a man curtain for Shaun’s garage.

What you’ll need:

  • A funky cable tensioner contraption
  • Galvanised binding wire
  • Galvanised chains
  • Pliers and a side cutters
Man Curtains - what you need

Man Curtains – what you need

Extend the cable tensioner to fit snugly in the window, by unscrewing the ends.

Cable Tensioner

Attached the chains to the tensioner using brute force, pliers and the galvanised wire. I decided to only add four chains so that the man curtain wouldn’t be too heavy.


Now all you need to do is make little s-shaped hooks. Cut the galvanised wire into 10cm pieces and bend the ends using your pliers. The hooks will be used to hang tools and other parephenalia.

S-shaped hooks

And the man curtain is ready. Simply hang the things that get used often on the hooks and you have easy, manly access to your tools. Remember to extend the cable tensioner so it fits tightly in your window.


Do you have any interesting ideas for a man curtain? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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