I love bandanas. They can be used for so many different things; tie them around your head for a trendy boho look, sew them together to make a lovely play tent for the kids or you can make this easy no sew bandana heart pillow.

Make a easy no sew Bandana Heart Pillow. Full tutorial on the blog #DIYHomeDecor #EasyDIY #DIYinspiration #homeDecor

I was originally going to use a gorgeous quilting fabric to make the no-sew heart, but I used it all to make the primitive bed spring hearts. So a bandana was my next choice, and I’m glad. I love the way the pillow looks. And apparently so does Merlin 😉

Make this easy no sew bandana heart pillow in less than 30 minutes. #NoSew #HeartPillow #ACraftyMix

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How to Make a No-Sew Bandana Heart

This one is really easy, I promise. Just grab two bandanas and your pinking shears.

Make bandana heart pillows

Place the bandanas on top of each other wrong side facing inwards, fold the bandanas in half, and cut out a half heart shape.

Fold the bandana in half and cut out 1/2 heart shape

Fold the hearts open keeping the two bandana hearts on top of each other. Use pinking shears to cut a fringe or strips around the heart-shaped bandanas.

Cut a fringe all around the heart

The fringe pieces should be at least 6.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide (2.5″ x 1″). Anything shorter than 6.5 cm long will be difficult to weave and if the fringe is too long, your pillow will be a bit small. 

Cut the edge of the bandana heart into strips

Fold the fringe over and make a small slit on the fold. You’ll use the slit to “weave” the edges of the pillow, so the smaller the better.

Cut a small slit through both pieces of the stips

Turn the fringe strips up and squish them together ………

Fold both pieces of the strips tightly together

……and then pull them down, through the slit.

Push the folded over strips up and through the slits

Tug tightly and repeat.

Pull the strip tightly to secure

(Post update: I had so many beautiful comments on the bandana heart – thank you, but it seems the pics on how to weave the fringe aren’t descriptive enough so here’s a video that might help.)

Continue weaving the fringe and periodically flip your heart over to make sure you haven’t missed any lonely little fringe pieces – you’ll end up with a wonky no-sew pillow heart if you do 😀 Leave the last five fringe pieces, stuff the heart, and then finish off the pillow by weaving the last few pieces. No-sew pillows are my favorite.

Make a easy no sew Bandana Heart Pillow. Full tutorial on the blog #DIYHomeDecor #EasyDIY #DIYinspiration #homeDecor

Time to find your favorite snuggle cat and cuddle up with your bandana heart pillow. Love our Merlin to bits and he’s so spoilt.

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Make a easy no sew Bandana Heart Pillow. Full tutorial on the blog #DIYHomeDecor #EasyDIY #DIYinspiration #homeDecor

A no sew pillow makes the perfect Valentine’s gift that can be used throughout the year 😉

If you like the idea of the bandana heart don’t forget to pin it for later so you can make your own.

I love bandanas, they can be used for so many different things; like this easy no sew pillow. Full tutorial with pictures #DIYHomeDecor #EasyDIY #DIYinspiration #homeDecor

I’d love to know what you think of the pillow. If you’d like to make one and don’t want to go to all that trouble of finding the materials, I’ve got you covered 😉 Disclosure: If you click on the links below, we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and it helps us feed our fur babies 😉

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And as always, hope you have a beautiful, love filled week. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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