What could be better after a long, hard day at the office than chilling in a lovely, tranquil garden? Especially this time of the year when the weather is so glorious. Our highveld garden must be one of my all-time favorite places to unwind, so when we made a swing for some of our teddy bears a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about making a bigger version. There’s just something about a swing that brings back so many beautiful memories of a time when things seemed so much simpler. When the only thing you had to worry about was how high you could fly.

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These old bones of ours probably couldn’t handle wild swing rides anymore 😉 But they sure could do with a dreamy garden swing, where we can relax and contemplate the small things in life. So that’s what we did, we built ourselves one.


How we built a dreamy garden swing for under $15. Full tutorial #palletideas #palletprojects #gardenideas #swing

We’re very fortunate to have a lovely, well-established garden full of indigenous trees, so finding a spot to hang the swing wasn’t a problem. All we had to try figure out was how to make a dreamy garden swing.

How To Make a Dreamy Garden Swing

The seat was easy enough. We just took a few pallets and joined them together and then painted them with white roof paint. We figured if the paint lasts on the roof for years, it would be perfect for a swing seat too.


Putting the swing seat together using pallets and painting it.

Once we had the seat, we started thinking about how to add the dreamy bits. Please stay with me, coz this is where it gets interesting 😉

How To Make Large Polystyrene Beads

Those beads on the sides are actually polystyrene or Styrofoam shapes that we found at the craft store. They can be used for so many different ways. We made a hole with a skewer stick through the center of each shape and then covered them with some self-adhesive mesh tape to make them stronger and more durable. These babies are going to be hanging outside in all kinds of weather and I want them to last. The mesh also gives the grout, which we’ll be adding in the next step, something to grip onto.


Put adhesive mesh around the polystyrene shapes to reinforce and protect

Once all the shapes were covered they were dipped in watered-down waterproof grout and left to dry overnight.


Dip the shapes in waterproof grout  #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

If you insert a skewer or a straw into the shape before dipping it definitely makes things easier 😉


A skewer or a straw makes it easier to dip  #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

And that skewer or straw helps keep the shapes upright while they dry too.


Groutingf the shapes is a messy business #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

After the first layer of grout has dried, the shapes were sanded and then dipped again until they were completely covered.


Sand and dip the shapes until they're completely covered #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

Getting the Dreamy Garden Swing Ready for Hanging

To hang the garden swing we used:

  • 4 x Female 8mm eye nuts
  • 4 x 8mm self-locking nuts or torque nuts
  • 8mm Galvanized thread bar
  • 4 x Locking carabiners and 2 x normal carabiners or snap hooks
  • Galvanised chain
  • A tube inner
  • 2 x Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackles (not pictured below)
How we built a dreamy garden swing for under $15

We drilled four 8 mm holes in the pallet swing seat and inserted the female eye nuts from the top. The galvanized thread bar was cut and screwed into the eye nuts from the bottom and then everything was tightened with a torque nut.


Adding the nuts and bolts to the swing seat  #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

The locking carabiners were inserted into each female nut before adding a 70 cm chain on each side. Finally, a normal carabiner was added to the middle point of each chain.


How we built a dreamy garden swing for under $15

Our trees are really special to us and I didn’t want to damage the branch where the swing would go. After some thought, we decided to use a tube inner around the chains that would go over the branch to protect it.


A tube inner to protect the branches from the chain #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

The ends of the chains would be joined together using the anchor shackles after the chains go over the branch.


Joining the chains together to hang the swing #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

Attaching the Beads and Hanging Her Up

Once the swing seat and the bit that goes over the branch were ready it was time for us to add the beads to create the dreamy look. We measured the height from the branch down to the ground and cut two pieces of 3.5 mm plastic coated wire. A 4 mm rope clamp was added to the wire and then a polystyrene shape and a bead for love.


The polystyrene shapes were positioned #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

The rope clamps stop the shapes from moving down the wire and they can be re-positioned just by loosening the clamps. We added clamps, shapes, and beads until we were happy with the whole look and then made a loop at the bottom and top of the coated wire and used some more clamps to secure the loop.


Clamping the wire to finish off the swing #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

Finally, we used the carabiner to join the looped plastic coated wire to the swing seat. With a little bit of height adjustment, we then connected the whole swing to the chains that we’d thrown over the branches using the anchor shackle.


How to make and hang a dreamy garden swing using polystyrene shapes #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

And our romantic garden swing was done 😀


How we built a dreamy garden swing for under $15

Now we can spend countless hours under the trees in our romantic garden swing, dreaming dreams and just relaxing.


How to make and hang a dreamy garden swing using polystyrene shapes #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

And you’d never say those “beads” are just polystyrene balls 😀


How to make and hang a romantic garden swing using polystyrene shapes #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

I’m hoping it will be easy enough to adjust the swing as the tree grows by lengthening or shortening the chain at the top or bottom. We just need to un-clip the carabiners or the anchor shackles at the top and adjust accordingly. Well, that’s the theory anyway 😉


If you like the idea of making your own dreamy garden swing don’t forget to pin it for later.

How to make and hang a dreamy garden swing using polystyrene shapes #gardenswingDIY #Palletswing #romanticswing #acraftymix #fairytaleswing #gardenswingbuild

I’d really love to know what you think of our dreamy garden swing. It’s in the perfect spot and hubby really loves it. I swear he’s spent more time on that swing watching me, with a beer in hand, making things than I have. Now my inner child also wants a turn. Wanna join me? We can take turns 😉


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And as always, here’s wishing you a beautiful, crafty and love-filled week. Thank you for popping around for a visit.

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