I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Unicorn SPiT? It’s a water-based, nontoxic, vibrant colored gel stain and glaze that smells yummy and OMW this stuff is awesome. Just look at those colors – WOW!!!

Beautiful and vibrant Unicorn SPiT colors

I ordered mine online and it arrived last weekend and I couldn’t wait to try it. Lucky for me we have lots of pallets lying around…….. LOTS!!!!

Pallet stock pile

I got hubby to tear some apart for me while I drew a quick sketch of a small bathroom cupboard that could hold spare toilet rolls.

Use a roll of toilet paper to figure out how wide to make the Unicorn SPiT cupboard

We used our trusty table saw to cut all the pieces.

All the bits have been cut

And we sanded the pallets until they were free of splinters. Now I was finally ready to start SPiTting 😎

The door for the little cupboard is made from a rag tag of interesting pieces, cut to size

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Putting Unicorn SPiT in Our Loo

I used our balsamic Rusty Nail Muti to stain and seal the pallets, but any water-based wood stain should work. It must be water-based so that the Unicorn SPiT will stick. Oil-based sealers will create a protective layer that Unicorn SPiT won’t be able to penetrate and you’ll lose out on all those beautiful colors.

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I covered one side of all the cut bits with Rusty Nail Muti and on the other side, I only used the stain around the outer edges. I wanted to keep as much raw wood as possible free for the Unicorn SPiT.

Stain the outside edges of the wood pieces in a rich brown

Once the stain was dry (about 10 minutes) I could start playing with my SPiT, whoop, whoop.

Here’s how I played with my Unicorn SPiT

I gave the pallets a light spitz of water and added Dragon’s Belly on the outside, followed by Navajo Jewel and then Blue Thunder. Don’t you just love those names?

Spritz some water onto the raw untreated wood and then apply the unicorn SPiT

Using my fingers I smudged the colors from left to right following the grain of the wood. Don’t you just love how vibrant the colors are? Since green, teal, and blue are analogous colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel, they create a sense of harmony. For a little contrast and interest, I added a few drops of the Zia Teal in the middle of all my smudgingness.

Now for the fun, use your fingers, a brush or even steel wool to smudge a spread the Unicorn SpiT into the grain

My Zia Teal is so much more intense than the other colors, so I tried to use it where I wanted to emphasize certain bits of the wood. I used steel wool to scrape over all the Unicorn SPiT, once again going in the same direction as the wood.

Now for the fun, use your fingers, a brush or even steel wool to smudge a spread the Unicorn SpiT into the grain

The steel wool pushed the Unicorn SPiT deeper into some areas and lifted it off other areas and gave the whole piece a distressed look.

Close up of streaks made by the steel wool

Once the SPiT was dry, I dry brushed on some more Rusty Nail Muti to make everything pop and add additional contrast.

Add a dark, glossy wood stain around the outside edges to make the colors pop and create a complimentary contrast.

My hands look like I might have some dragon blood in me but I smell divine 🙂 Here’s a close up after the stain has been dry brushed over the Unicorn SPiT. So pretty, it adds dimension and finishes it off so nicely.

After adding the White Ming Unicorn SPiT

Here’s another view. The pallet bits are the same vibrant, gorgeous color as the paint in the bottles of Unicorn SPiT. We’ve even put Unicorn SPiT on fabric and those colors are just as beautiful.

Getting this look was so easy. Unicorn SPiT is the most amazing wood and gel stain. Love these colors #unicornspit #DIYHomeDecor #GelStain #trendingdecor #diytutorial

Once everything had been stained I could put the little cupboard together.

Making the Unicorn SPiT Cupboard

The thing I love about pallets is that they are bent and damaged. They have their own character. The middle piece in the pic below had been attacked by bugs and I could never reproduce what Mother Nature did so beautifully with her creepy crawlies.

Close up of the door that's been spat on by a Unicorn

To put the cupboard together I used 1″x 1″ and made a box frame out of the pallets.

Make a simple box shape for the cupboard

I attached the door and then changed my mind about the door handle. Someone told me that unicorns aren’t too keen about man-made materials 😉 so I decided to use a branch instead of the silver handle shown above.  I just used the box that the Unicorn SPiT came in to figure out what angle to cut the brand and then screwed it into the door. We did something similar when we made our ammo box cupboard.

To make a branch handle use a cardboard box to figure out where to cut the branch so it's level with the door.

Three layers of protective satin polyurethane and my little cupboard was finally ready.

Getting this look was so easy. Unicorn SPiT is the most amazing wood and gel stain. Love these colors #unicornspit #DIYHomeDecor #GelStain #trendingdecor #diytutorial

Now there’s a little Unicorn SPiT in our loo and I cannot wait to get my hands dirty again. If you like it don’t forget to share 😉

Getting this look was so easy. Unicorn SPiT is the most amazing wood and gel stain. Love these colors #unicornspit #DIYHomeDecor #GelStain #trendingdecor #diytutorial

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The original creator of Unicorn SPiT actually liked our technique so much she gave it a name  😀 That makes me soooo proud. Can you see me doing the happy dance? It’s now officially known as the Seawater Technique.

Getting this Seawater Unicorn SPiT look was so easy. Unicorn SPiT is the most amazing wood and gel stain. Love these colors #unicornspit #DIYHomeDecor #GelStain #trendingdecor #diytutorial

Although Unicorn SPiT was originally used to stain wood, you can use it on all kinds of things. If you haven’t played with it yet, here are a few more tutorials for you:

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Unicorn SPiT has a few sparkling colors too, which are just stunning. This tutorial will show you how to blend the sparkling colors to create jewel-like tones.BTW, I’m not being paid to say all these things about Unicorn SPiT, it’s just so magical I had to share it with you all and it’s available on Amazon too. Disclosure: If you click on the links below, we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and it helps us fund our SPiTting habit?

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And as always here’s wishing you a beautiful crafty week filled with love and unicorns 😉 Thank you for popping around for a visit.

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