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A Crazy Floating Teapot Succulent Planter Tutorial

I seem to be on a mission to create planters for our ever growing succulent collection. Don’t you just love them? Last week we turned a tree stump into a succulent planter and this week we made this crazy cool floating teapot planter complete with faux running water.

A crazy cool floating teapot planter viewed from the top. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

And in all honesty, the most difficult thing about making one is waiting for the glue to dry. Patience is not my strong point 😉 but in the end, it was so worth it.

Love the way the "water" seems to flow from the floating teapot into the succulents. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

I love how it turned out. It looks like some invisible hand is watering the plants. It’s magical.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. Loren Eiseley Click to Tweet

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What you need to make the floating teapot planter

  • A teapot 😉
  • Metal fork with a thin handle
  • Bowl or planter
  • Plants
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Duct tape or sticky tape

What you need to make the floating teapot succulent planter. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

To mimic the water

  • Wax paper
  • A round pipe or dowel
  • Clear craft glue

I normally use my glue gun and clear glue sticks, but for the life of me I couldn’t find any clear glue sticks in our craft cupboard, so I used polystyrene glue instead. Any craft glue that dries clear should work.

How to make the floating teapot planter

Did I mention this is a really easy DIY project? First things first, we need to bend that fork into shape. Using the planting bowl and teapot spout as a guide, bend the fork. The fork handle will go into the spout and the tines, or prongs, will be glued to the inside of the bowl. Depending on how hard the metal is you should be able to just use the edge of a table to get the right shape.

Bending the fork into shape to for the succulent planter. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Use Gorilla glue to glue the fork tines inside the bowl. Gorilla glue works best if one surface is slightly damp, so dip the tines in water first before gluing. A little bit of duct tape will keep it in place while the glue dries.

Add Gorilla Glue to the side of the bowl to make this amazing succulent planter. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

I love using Gorilla glue for projects like this. It’s waterproof and super strong once it cures. Plus it’s eco-friendly so it won’t leak all kinds of toxic yuckiness into the soil and damage the plants.

The Gorilla Glue will expand as it dries. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

When the glue dries, about 2 hours, you can slip the fork handle inside the teapot spout and glue it in place.

Adding the teapot to the bowl. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

You may need to put a rock or large pebble inside the bowl to balance the whole thing out while it’s drying and don’t forget to make a few drainage holes, especially if you’re going to plant succulents under the floating teapot.

Don't forget the drainage holes when planting succulents. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Once the glue dries the floating teapot planter is ready for planting. If you used a rock or a pebble to help balance the planter, it will need to stay inside the bowl so it doesn’t tip over. We added succulents to ours but herbs would look lovely too, especially if the planter is going in the kitchen. You could also plant your favorite annuals or perennials, as long as they don’t grow too tall and hide that magical floating effect 😉

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow Click to Tweet

Add the succulents or any other plant to the bowl. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

And for the final touch, all that’s left to do is hide the fork handle with some craft glue “water”.

How to mimic water with craft glue

Besides resin, one of the easiest ways to make faux running water is to use clear craft glue. The only clear glue I had on hand was polystyrene glue. It takes a little longer to cure though so if you don’t want to wait, use a glue gun and clear glue sticks instead. Simply squirt a whole bunch of glue on a piece of wax paper to form a long, wide strip.

Making faux water for the floating teapot. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

When the glue begins to set, wrap the wax paper around a pipe or dowel if you want the water to form a tube shape.

Wrap the glue around a copper pipe or anything that's round to help form it #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Once dry, simply remove the pipe and peel the wax paper off.

Wrap the glue around a copper pipe or anything that's round to help form it #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Polystyrene glue dries with these little bubbles inside so it almost looks like sparkling water. Trim the “water” to size and wrap it around the fork before gluing in place.

Making faux water for the floating teapot. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

That bubbly “water” is just perfect to disguise the fork.

How to mimic water using craft glue Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Doesn’t it look so cool, floating in the air like that?

A top down view of the floating teapot and succulent planter. #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Here’s another view from the side.

Love the way the "water" seems to flow from the floating teapot into the succulents. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

But I’d love to know what you think of the floating teapot planter.

A beautiful floating teapot planter viewed from the top. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

Is it something you would make for your garden? What plants would you add?

If you like the idea, don’t forget to pin it for later.

A crazy cool floating teapot planter viewed from the top. Come see how to make your own #SucculentPlanter #FloatingTeapot #ACraftyMix #DIYTutorial #ForkRepurpose #CrazyCrafts

BTW, if you’re looking for some of the things we used, we’ve got you covered Disclosure: Clicking on the links below, means we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and it helps us make more amazing crafts to share with you 😉

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And as always, here’s wishing you a beautiful, crafty week filled with lots of love. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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  • Posted: March 7, 2020 16:42


    This is sooo cute!! Great idea! I have to try this!! Thanks for sharing!❤️
    • Posted: March 8, 2020 06:59


      You are most welcome, Penny. SO happy you enjoyed the idea and tutorial 💞
  • Posted: November 10, 2019 14:49


    How do you get the teapot to 'float'? Does the fork support the weight? Thanks, Sandra
    • Posted: November 11, 2019 05:07


      Hi there Sandra, yes the fork supports the weight of the teapot. The most important thing is to use glue that stays stuck and that's water-resistant so the fork prongs don't get "unstuck" from the side of the container and the handle stays glued inside the spout.
  • Posted: October 23, 2019 04:38

    Eva Turski

    Thanks Michelle, love love love teapots and this looks nice and easy. When I've finished with my markets I will have to give this one a go.
    • Posted: October 23, 2019 04:59


      So happy to hear that Eva and all the best at the markets. I hope you sell lots of goodies 😘
  • Posted: September 9, 2019 17:36


    What a brilliant idea! I can't wait to try this. Exactly which formula of Gorilla Glue did you use? They have several.
    • Posted: September 10, 2019 04:44


      Hey Barb, we used the original Gorilla Glue - here's the Amazon link 4
    • Posted: November 7, 2019 10:34


      How do you glue the handle of the fork in the spout of the tea pot? The forks that I have tried have very little contact area inside the spout.
      • Posted: November 7, 2019 10:48


        Hi Jo, you'll need to make sure your fork handle is thin enough to fit up the spout and bend it first so it follows the curves of the spot too. Gorilla glue is pretty strong and doesn't need too much to grip onto. Hope that helps, otherwise please give me a shout again and I'll try to explain a bit better
  • Posted: September 4, 2019 21:12

    Bea Marie

    It is adorable,I plan to do it in the near future.It looks easy but we’ll see.Thanks for sharing such a great project.
    • Posted: September 5, 2019 04:46


      You're most welcome Bea. I'm sure yours will look beautiful and please shout if you need any more information.
  • Posted: August 24, 2019 19:41


    Thank you for the instructions. This is very cute. I will have to go shopping at some thrift stores and estate sales to find the right teapot.
    • Posted: August 25, 2019 06:13


      Thank so much Brab, have fun shopping for your teapot. I hope you find the right one
  • Posted: August 19, 2019 21:40

    Teresa Trettin

    OMGOSH! Love the water from the teapot idea! I have a pottery one that the lid is broken. I have seen someone use the pot for a bird feeder and due to the spout having a built in strainer I thought mine would be ideal for that. Afraid it'd be too heavy to float--but the faux water I will try on a smaller or lightweight pot! You're amazing!!
    • Posted: August 20, 2019 04:49


      Thank you so much, Teresa ❣ I hope you find some lightweight pots to try. The floating teapot is a fun addition to any space
  • Posted: August 18, 2019 21:52

    Susan Jones

    I've done this with teacups & saucers for holiday decor, but I love your teapot/succulent idea & the faux water-wish I knew it before.
    • Posted: August 19, 2019 05:16


      I'm glad you like the idea Susan and thanks so much for popping around for a visit
  • Posted: August 18, 2019 14:33

    Kathie Elia

    I love your idea! Will this work with a small ceramic teapot or would it be too heavy for the fork to support?
    • Posted: August 18, 2019 15:01


      I think it will work Kathie. I just quickly weighed another enamel teapot we have and it's 200 grams (google says that's 0.44 lbs). I think the most important thing is having enough glue in the spout and you can place a large pebble to balance the weight out in the bowl. Hope that makes sense
  • Posted: August 18, 2019 10:22

    Marilyn Jurman

    I think the floating teapot planter is the best idea I have ever seen for a planter.It' cool and clever, especially with the addition of the faux water.
    • Posted: August 18, 2019 13:24


      Thank you so much Marilyn, really appreciate that so much 🤗
  • Posted: August 17, 2019 21:31


    So cute. Now if I can just find a aluminum teapot with a bowl to match, I plant to make one.
    • Posted: August 18, 2019 06:07


      Any teapot and bowl should work June as long as the spout is wide enough to hold a fork handle. And you can always paint either the teapot of the bowl to match. Have fun and I hope you find something on your thrifting journey ❣
  • Posted: August 17, 2019 20:34


    I'm so excited about this project! My mother passed away a few years ago and I inherited everything. I couldn't keep all of it because I have a small apartment, and it broke my heart to have to rid of it. But I kept a lot of things that remind me of her and home. Some of it I didn't quite know what to do with. I saved her light blue enamel tea pot and some bowls, and now I know what to do with them! I'm going to make this awesome planter for my daughter for Christmas! It will be for her first home, and will be extra special because the tea pot and bowl were used and much loved by her Grandma! Thanks so much for this special project idea. You have really made my day!!
    • Posted: August 17, 2019 20:36


      Oh! And I just love the water idea too, thanks again.
      • Posted: August 18, 2019 06:07


        You are soooooo welcome Annie
    • Posted: August 18, 2019 06:05


      I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that Annie 💞 Thank you so much and for sharing your lovely memories too. It's going to be a very special present for your daughter. May it bring you both many happy smiles inside your hearts when you think of your Mom.
  • Posted: June 28, 2019 17:57


    The succulent pot is beautiful and the floating teapot is super cool!!
    • Posted: June 29, 2019 07:11


      😊 Thank you. I'm so happy with how it turned out
  • Posted: June 17, 2019 21:13

    Linda at Mixed Kreations

    That is sooo cute Michelle! I absolutely love your floating teapot! You amaze me with the ideas you come up with.
  • Posted: June 15, 2019 13:10


    How did I miss this? I loooove it and I will give it a try. I've seen other versions but I love this because it seems real water! I will just wait a bit for my succulents to grow and to find the stuff, I already have a fork
    • Posted: June 16, 2019 10:51


      🤗 Oh cool Pili. I think you're really going to enjoy making this one. Hope you find the other stuff soon, I'd love to see how yours turns out
  • Posted: June 10, 2019 06:11

    Sam - Raggedy Bits

    This is outta this world cool!!! I love this project to bits and how real the water looks coming out of the teapot's spout! Genius, Michelle!!!
    • Posted: June 10, 2019 10:00


      Thanks so much Sam. I really enjoy making planters for our succulents. We seem to have so many of them
  • Posted: June 9, 2019 16:54


    That is the cutest tea pot repurpose Michelle! I love the water and of course the succulents, you give me tons of inspiration to for my own collection!!
    • Posted: June 10, 2019 09:59


      😘 Oh yay, glad to hear that Katrin. Your collection is growing so beautifully
  • Posted: June 8, 2019 13:39


    Wow is this cool. I just love the look of running water! (I found you from Funky Junk Interior's Page)
    • Posted: June 9, 2019 14:58


      Thank you so much, Sharon 🤗 I really appreciate you coming round for a visit.
  • Posted: June 6, 2019 22:33


    You can use 6000 glue; I use it for all my crafts and it is water proof. For the water you can use fishing line and place in the spout of the teapot and glue the line inside and attach tear drop crystal at the end of the spout....You can also take the spout and stuff it w/ cotton if you just want the crystal hanging and not see the fish line going in the teapot....Thanks for the fun DIY
    • Posted: June 8, 2019 05:53


      You're most welcome Linda, I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Love your idea of hanging a teardrop crystal from the teapot spout and I might just have one of those floating around in our craft cupboard somewhere too 😃
    • Posted: July 27, 2019 19:31

      Elizabeth Hanson

      Linda, why not just love the tutorial and get your own website instead of post on one that is amazing. You give all these “instructions” that are half assed; we have all just experienced a articulate, well executed and wonderfully pictured instructions by Avery talented young lady. What I’m saying is Linda, give praise or ask a question this isn’t your site. LOVED YOUR PROJECT, I’m going to the 2nd hand store and Home Depot today. I’ve got to start this today!
      • Posted: July 28, 2019 11:09


        Thank you so much for your lovely comment Elizabeth. I hope you find all the stuff and have fun making your floating teapot planter
      • Posted: August 17, 2019 18:57


        Linda gave a couple of alternate methods. acraftymix even said she might try one of the ideas. I don’t know you or Linda, but I felt bad for her.
        • Posted: August 24, 2019 15:01


          I totally agree. I think Linda just adapted a great idea. We all do that every day of our lives. Thank you Linda. Your idea is exactly what I was looking for. Special thanks to crafty mix for sharing her original project.
  • Posted: June 5, 2019 00:42


    You my friend are crazy crafty!! I just showed my husband this because it is really an engineering marvel (his passion) and a decor dream (my passion). I am just awed...
    • Posted: June 5, 2019 10:55


      🤗 Thank you Kim, you made my day.
  • Posted: June 4, 2019 03:41


    OK I give up! This really takes the cake. I can sit here and stare at that running water all day and there is no way I am going to believe my eyes! It is not glue, it is something else that the fairies have transformed! You just never cease to amaze me!
    • Posted: June 4, 2019 15:26


      😘 😘 😘 It's glue I promise Mary, and it does look really cool
  • Posted: June 3, 2019 14:47


    OMG!!! Michelle, I absolutely love this!!! I may already have these supplies and I just may try my hand at making one of these.... Love how it came out!! Thanks for identifying the columbine!! Mt neighbor 2 doors down has them in her yard and they have popped up in my front yard. I transplanted these from the front yard last year.....Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am doing okay as far as my recovery is concerned but of course, I would like it to go a bit faster so I can be more mobile..... Hugs, Deb
    • Posted: June 4, 2019 15:29


      I'm so happy to hear that Debbie. I can just picture one of these floating teapots in your gorgeous garden and I'm happy to help WRT to the Columbines. They're beautiful. It always reminds me of something a fairy would pick to make a hat or even a pretty little dress. I'm even happier to hear that you're on the mend, my friend. That op was long overdue 💓
  • Posted: June 3, 2019 11:06


    Wow, Michelle! This is a great idea! What a fabulous project! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions. Hugs, my dear friend.
    • Posted: June 5, 2019 10:56


      You're most welcome Mia and hugs right back at you

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