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Aunty G’s Fairy Church with a Thatch Roof – DIY

There is something so fascinating about miniature gardens.  They take us back to our childhood and I love getting lost in them and living, even if it’s only for a moment, in a tiny world where anything is possible.  One of my favorite people, my Aunty G, feels the same way. She’s like the Pied Piper when it comes to us kids, we all just want to be around her and I’m almost 50 😎 To celebrate her birthday we wanted to make her something different, something that would always remind her of how special and loved she is.  So we decided to make her this miniature garden with a little thatch roof fairy church.

A beautiful addition to a fairy garden. This miniature church was made from a wooden tissue box and coconut hair

Like most of our other miniatures we used a wooden tissue box to make the church. You should be able to find something similar at a craft store or you could use a shoe box that’s been sealed with outdoor mod podge.

A humble tissue holder

Wooden tissue box

Turning a Tissue Box Into a Fairy Church

The first thing we needed to do was change the look of the tissue box so we measured the sides and played around with some ideas until we were happy. A friend of ours cut the design out of hardboard for us and we stuck the new sides on using silicone glue. To make the a support beam for the top of the roof we drilled a hole on each side and inserted a wooden skewer.

Stick on the side walls

Stick on the side walls

To make the actual roof we took a cardboard box cut to size. The hubby used the cardboard template to cut a proper roof from some hardboard. We hung the doors using two bent bits of wire.

Making the roof template

Making the roof template

We stained the whole lot using a waterproof outdoor sealer and started gluing on small stones to give the church a rustic look.

Drawing the windows for the miniature chrch

Painting the windows

Sorry about the flash. It was really late when I took the pic but I wanted to show you these beautiful little windows I found in the scrapbook aisle at our local craft store. I used a silver Sharpie to color the inside of the windows so they would look more like glass. So pretty and delicate. If  you can’t find something similar you can just draw the windows and then glue the stones around them.

She lives her life in her own beautiful fairy taleClick to Tweet

To make the door we glued ice cream sticks to the door frame. They were stained and white washed before I stuck on bits of jewelry to make the hinges and door handles.  That what’s so nice about miniatures and fairy gardens. You get to be so creative and you see things from a totally different perspective.

Popsicle sticks for the door

Ice cream sticks and jewelry bits to make the door

How To Thatch a Fairy Roof

To thatch the roof we used coconut fiber (coir), masking tape and tacky glue. I found the easiest and least messy way to thatch a miniature is to first stick the coconut fiber onto some masking tape. Take a small bundle of the fiber and spread it onto a strip of masking tape.

Masking tape and coconut hair

Masking tape and coconut fiber

Push the fibers down firmly and then flip the masking tape over to form a taped strip of fibers.

Flip the tape over and cut

Flip the tape over and cut

Trim the untidy bits at the top and then stick another piece of masking tape about halfway down the fibers to form a second taped strip.

Trim and tape the middle

Trim and tape the middle

Cut just above the second strip of masking tape and you end up with two strips that you can stick down. Use a tacky glue to glue the strips on to the roof starting at the bottom and layering the strips one on top of the other as you go.

Glue the strips down

Glue the strips down

The fibers of the first strip should hang over the bottom of the roof. I used the same technique to thatch a repurposed lamp shade 😀

The layers should be quite close together to get a nice thick thatch roofClick to Tweet

Don’t worry about how scruffy it looks you’re going to trim the roof when it’s all covered. Add a nok at the top. We made ours with clay that we painted and sealed

Layer the coconut hair strips starting from the bottom

Layer the coconut hair strips starting from the bottom

Be prepared to have lots of bits of coconut hanging around for days. Those fibers go everywhere. We made two little lanterns from earrings and stuck them on either side of the door. We found a small concrete planter which was the perfect size for the little fairy church. This is what she looks like from the top.

A beautiful addition to a fairy garden. This miniature church was made from a wooden tissue box and coconut hair

And from the front.

A beautiful addition to a fairy garden. This miniature church was made from a wooden tissue box and coconut hair

My Aunty G put her little fairy church and garden on her water feature. Isn’t that just the perfect setting?

A beautiful addition to a fairy garden. This miniature church was made from a wooden tissue box and coconut hair

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A beautiful addition to a fairy garden. This miniature church was made from a wooden tissue box and coconut hair #miniaturegarden #fairygardenideas #fairychurch

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Happy b-day Aunty G, love you always. Thanks for all the laughter, love and beautiful day dreams.

Made with love by a Crafty Mix

P.S If you don’t want to go to all that trouble and find some of the materials we used to make the fairy church, we’ve got you covered Disclosure: If you click on the links below, we may receive a commission from Amazon. But don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket, and it helps us create more fairy crafts 😉

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  • Posted: June 5, 2017 19:22


    I am seriously so amazed at the things you create. This is adorable, and the amount of detail work that went into it is just incredible. I bet your aunt loved it! I know I certainly would!
    • Posted: June 6, 2017 07:03


      Thank you so much Amy. My Aunti G is a very special lady, she deserves all the hard work :D
  • Posted: June 5, 2017 13:34

    Nikki Jo Frank-Hamilton

    What a wonderful gift! So unique and special, just like the recipient. Each part is special and precious and I love the creativity used to turn ordinary parts into the lanterns, door handles etc. You are so inspiring in the way you look at things, helps me to stretch to see items used in a different way.
    • Posted: June 5, 2017 13:35


      What a lovely thing to say Nikki, thank you very much
  • Posted: June 4, 2017 23:06

    Sadhna Grover

    This is sooo cute fairy church, everything is perfect the thatched roof, walls doors, windows. Those two little lanterns are beautiful. I am speechless. Really creative work.
    • Posted: June 5, 2017 08:00


      Awwww Sadhana, thank you so much. We had really enjoyed making this one for my Aunt.
  • Posted: December 26, 2016 16:14


    I really like this and would love to do it. One question. What is it that you used on the top of the roof to finish the thatch? I look forward to more posts from you.
    • Posted: December 27, 2016 07:05


      Hi there Christine thanks so much for stopping by. We used window putty to make the top of the roof. We just molded it on the roof and while it was still wet, and then cut it to fit. Let me know if that helps.
  • Posted: October 10, 2016 11:30


    Ah what a lovely present for your Aunty G, a lovely present for what sounds like a lovely lady! I love the idea of cutting it out in cardboard first, that is really clever and a good way to ensure it is accurate before cutting the real thing :)
    • Posted: October 10, 2016 12:41


      Thank you so much Yvonne, my Aunty G is a really special lady.
  • Posted: September 20, 2016 10:57


    This is incredibly cute!! Will be a great addition to our fairy garden....Now, if only I had a friend who would also cut out hardboard for me :)
    • Posted: September 20, 2016 12:52


      Thank you Tracey, don't you just love fairy gardens? Our friend will ship anywhere in South Africa so give me a shout if you need her number. She's really good.
  • Posted: July 25, 2016 05:47


    This is absolutely spectacular!
    • Posted: July 25, 2016 08:09


      Thank you so much :-)
  • Posted: July 9, 2016 20:35

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  • Posted: June 12, 2016 22:48

    Linda at Mixed Kreations

    Oh this little church is adorable! What a sweet gift for your aunt, I bet she loved it.
    • Posted: June 14, 2016 15:20


      Mwah, mwah, mwah!! Thank you :-)
  • Posted: June 7, 2016 10:40


    Michelle, this mini church is sooooo awesome!! You all are so talented!! I bet your aunt loves her little church.
    • Posted: June 7, 2016 14:03


      Thank you Keri. I'm busy making her a little gypsy caravan for another part of her garden which I hope she likes as much as her church. Sending lots of fairy hugs and kisses
  • Posted: June 5, 2016 15:58


    Oh, what a beautiful gift for your aunt! I bet she absolutely loves this Fairy church, it's lovely! Well done!
    • Posted: June 6, 2016 07:35


      Thank you Katrin, she really liked it :D
  • Posted: June 5, 2016 15:47


    OMW I want one. Do you sell them?
    • Posted: June 5, 2016 15:53


      We don't yet, lol. No seriously a one of a kind person deserves a one of a kind miniature church. Thank you soooooo much for stopping by and leaving a comment, really, really appreciate it. <3

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