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Making Matilda’s Web – Easy Wire Art Tutorial

A lot of people have asked me to share a wire art tutorial on how we made Matilda and her web. Matilda is the little spider that keeps kept our spooktacular skull company. Well, she used to anyway. We’ve moved her outside so she can start making some real arachnoidish friends. I must admit their plotting was driving me insane 😀

How to make Matilda the spider and her web - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog #WallArt #DIYHomeDecor

Spider Web Wire Art Tutorial

She’s really easy to make. All you need is some 14 gauge jewelry wire (we had some left over after making the Tree of Life), 26 gauge jewelry wire, a empty frame and two beads. I didn’t have a spare frame so we just made one using pallet offcuts and an old rusty hinge. I couldn’t find my frame clamps the day we made the frame, so I had to use a brick to weigh the off cuts down while the wood glue was drying.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Making the frame

Once the frame was dry, we could start making the web. Using the 14 gauge jewelry wire we cut:

  • 2 pieces of wire 50 cm long (19.5″)
  • 1 piece of wire 26 cm long (10 2/8″)

The length of the wire depends on your frame size (ours is roughly 36 cm by 30 cm) so adapt the lengths to suit. Bend the two 50 cm pieces in half  and then lay them out as shown below in the second pic. Take the shortest middle wire and wrap it around both the bent longer pieces to form the outer strands of the spider’s web.

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. Ethiopian proverbClick to Tweet

Rearrange the pieces in the corner of your frame and pull them apart until you’re happy with the spacing.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Starting the web

Use the thinner 26 gauge jewelry wire to add the cross strands. I’m not even sure if that’s the right word, I don’t do spider speak 😉 Anyways, start at the top about 2 .5 cm down from the the point where the 14 gauge wires join and wrap the 26 gauge around each strand. Leave a long enough piece of wire on either side so you can attach the web to the frame when your done. Repeat the whole process as you move down the strands to complete the web.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Adding the strands

When all the cross strands have been added, use a staple gun to staple those lose bits on the end of the web to the frame. Trim off any scraggly bits.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Use a staple gun

Making Matilda the Spider

To make Matilda we used some black beads from a broken necklace and the left over bits of wire. We cut 4 pieces about 8 cm long for the legs and a longer piece to join the beads together. I started by pushing the wire through the smaller bead and then wrapping it around the 4 leg pieces.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Beads and wire

Once the legs were attached to the head, I pushed the wire through the larger bead to add a body. Matilda really came to life when I started bending her legs. I never knew that spider legs actually have seven different sections. I looked it up on Google. The femur, tibia metatarsus and tarsus are the longer bits  and the coxa, trochanter and  patella are the joints in between. To try make Matilda as realistic as possible I adjusted the legs accordingly and gave them three bends each where I though the joints should go.

Making Matilda the spider - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog


I used some fishing gut to hang Matilda from the web. When I first hung her, I did it all wrong. It was only when hubby said “you do know that spiders spin out of their bums” that I realized my mistake 😀 Geez, I can name a spider’s leg bits but completely forgot where her spinnerets are. So much for trying to make her look realistic.

How to make Matilda the spider and her web - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog

Hanging the frame

We hung her and her frame outside using some twine and an old hinge. I think she turned out pretty cool and I really hope she makes some new friends. What do you think?

How to make Matilda the spider and her web - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog #WallArt #DIYHomeDecor

Up where she belongs

If you’re looking for some more wire art ideas and want to try something a little more “complicated”, then these wire art tips will help.

And don’t forget to pin it for later if you like this wire art tutorial.
How to make Matilda the spider and her web - an easy wire art tutorial on the blog #WallArt #DIYHomeDecor

Pinny Please

So quick question, are you an arachnophobe or an arachnophile? Me, I’m definitely an arachnophile, I love them, my favorite is probably the rain spider. We have three in our house at the moment. Guess we’ll be getting some rain soon 😉

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As always sending you much love and tons of blessing.

Made with love by a Crafty Mix

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  • Posted: April 7, 2017 17:03


    Gosh you make this look so easy and it looks fantastic. The boys would love Matilda!
    • Posted: April 9, 2017 07:14


      It really is easy, I'm sure those little monkey's of yours would be able to make their own.
  • Posted: April 7, 2017 01:35


    Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I love decorating for Halloween, but I'm terrified of spiders. Haha! I absolutely love how this turned out, but I have a feeling that spider would give me a heart attack on more than one occasion. I also love that you researched the spider before making it. :) Love it!
    • Posted: April 7, 2017 15:39


      LOL, thank you Amy my daughter feels the same. She's not a big fan of spiders either ;-)
  • Posted: April 6, 2017 23:07

    Sadhna Grover

    This matilda spider looks real, her leg wok is amazing, with those bends. I am definitely an arachnophobe, but I really like your web wire work and the way you have explained the whole tutorial like an art and craft teacher.
    • Posted: April 9, 2017 07:15


      What a lovely thing to say Sadhna, thank you very much. Spiders have always fascinated me
  • Posted: April 6, 2017 19:19


    This is, hands down, the cutest spider I have ever seen! (And maybe the only one I don't have the urge to smoosh). ;)
    • Posted: April 9, 2017 07:15


      :-) I'll let Matilda know, she'll be so impressed
  • Posted: November 4, 2016 14:04

    Sarah Jean Althouse

    I know it's past Halloween, but this may be one of my favorite things you have made. So simple and yet appropriate!
    • Posted: November 4, 2016 15:02


      Aaawwww Sarah, thank you so much. I really appreciate that <3
  • Posted: November 3, 2016 02:08

    Christine Vandormolen

    Hi Michelle, thank you so very much for leaving me such a nice comment on my kitchen nook post on my Little Brags blog. I am glad I found your blog, this spider web is sooooo cool. Will have to pin that for next Halloween and I am now following you on Bloglovin!
    • Posted: November 3, 2016 06:55


      Thanks so much Christine and your new kitchen looks amazing. Love those wicker seats ;-)
  • Posted: October 31, 2016 16:35

    Katerina Konstantinou

    Oh I'm definitely an arachnophile! We have tons of the little harmless ones on our yard (and hmm our house) so there is no other way! Happy Halloween!
    • Posted: November 1, 2016 03:34


      ;-) Happy Halloween to you too Katrina ;-)
  • Posted: October 28, 2016 22:28

    Sarah - Craft Invaders

    She's adorable. I like spiders, and don't have a problem at all sharing my home with them (which is handy as I hate housework!) I wonder if she'll find a friend!
    • Posted: October 29, 2016 10:52


      You're a woman after my own heart Sarah. I really do hope she finds a friend, but at least she's outside in nature now ;-)
  • Posted: October 27, 2016 00:10

    Enricoh Alfonzo

    such an epically creative tutorial. i love it! perfect for my niece
    • Posted: October 27, 2016 05:10


      Thank you Enricoh
  • Posted: October 26, 2016 20:32


    Aw, Mathilda is adorable, but I'm saying this because she was crafted by you! I'm not a fan of the ones that walk by when I sit and have my coffee, lol, but I'm also not too scared, I've found worse insects in the house...;) Michelle you are amazing, the way you created this fun web and Mathilda really blows my mind!
    • Posted: October 27, 2016 05:09


      Thank you so much Katrin, that's such a beautiful compliment.
  • Posted: October 26, 2016 14:38


    Michelle, this spider web is fantastic! You always show such amazing skills with your projects!! Little Matilda is so cute! Spiders don't bother me at all but I can't say I love them either, I guess I'm somewhere in the middle, lol.
    • Posted: October 26, 2016 14:52


      Awww thank you my beautiful friend, for everything. All the support, love and teaching me how to join a linked party ;-) You are one very special lady
  • Posted: October 26, 2016 14:11

    Mary-the boondocks blog

    Aww Michelle this is really adorable. Although my daughter would not agree with this assessment. She is an arachnophobe, big time. I on the other hand, am indifferent to them. But this little Matilda is absolutely precious. Maybe I can find some stuff around the house and make one for the party, because you know, I haven't decorated enough! ;)
    • Posted: October 26, 2016 14:16


      Lol Mary, spot on. You can never ever have enough Halloween decor. I'm glad you like Matilda, she'll be really happy to hear that ;-)

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