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Turn a Small Dining Room into a Work of Art

The dining room in our little round house is tiny. In fact it’s so small it’s hanging on the wall in our kitchen 😎 .

When there's no space for a Dining room, hang it up and turn it into a work of art

Yup, we hung our dining room on the wall and turned it into a work of art to save space. The Don’t Mind the Mess table was made using a piece of pine, measuring 55 cm x 45 cm. It was sealed with a white primer before adding the decal and covered with three layers of Annie Sloan Chateau Grey. Once the paint was dry, we simply removed the decal and gave the table a few coats of clear wax to protect. The table is attached to the wall using a T-hinge and rawl bolts. My ever careful hubby wanted to make sure we could dance on this table 😀

Wooden fold up chairs and some spray paint

Wooden fold up chairs and some spray paint

We found the chairs on sale at Mr P Home and painted them a vibrant lime green and hung them using white square cup hooks.

When there's no space for a Dining room, hang it up and turn it into a work of art

I used this pic we took in our kitchen as inspiration for the painting of the three lime green cups.

Inspiration for three lime green cups

Inspiration for “Three lime green cups”

Now we have a dining room that’s a functional, space saving, work of art when it’s not in use.

When there's no space for a Dining room, hang it up and turn it into a work of art

And when we’re ready to eat, we simply take down the chairs, flip up the table and dine in our own little bistro cafe. The table top is kept upright with a chrome worktop leg. It’s been painted lime green to match the chairs. You can get worktop legs at most hardware stores and they are fully adjustable.

When there's no space for a dining room hang it up - awesome space saving idea

I’d love to know what you think of the idea of hanging a dining room on the wall. And if you have any other space saving tricks for a small space let me know. Oh before I forget, here’s the piccy of the dining room wall before we turned it into a work of art.

When there's no space for a Dining room, hang it up and turn it into a work of art

Just a blank wall

Such a waste of space, right!!? Anyways, hope you have a beautiful week, filled with lots of crafty goodness.

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  • Posted: March 15, 2018 15:39

    Toni | Small Home Soul

    What a great idea, and I love the color of the chairs and table base.
    • Posted: March 16, 2018 05:04


      Thank you Toni, it's one of our favorite spots in our little round house
  • Posted: March 15, 2018 03:25


    Looks great, I love the color and how easy it is to use.
    • Posted: March 15, 2018 04:35


      Thank you Sarah. Once you get used to the the dining room being on the wall it is easy 😉
  • Posted: March 15, 2018 00:33

    Sam - Raggedy Bits

    What a brilliant idea!! Love this space saving idea!! And it looks awesome!! So clever and creative as always Michelle!
    • Posted: March 15, 2018 04:37


      Thanks so much Sam. Our little round house by the sea is so tiny we have to be super creative to try find additional space
  • Posted: March 13, 2018 19:55

    Sherry Cole

    I love the vibrant green color that you chose for these chairs!
    • Posted: March 14, 2018 05:20


      Me to Sherry. It's such a happy color 😊
  • Posted: March 13, 2018 17:48


    Love that tree colour it’s so fresh.
    • Posted: March 14, 2018 05:28


      It is a pretty color. So Spring like
  • Posted: March 13, 2018 15:12


    Amazing what paint can do!! I love it!
    • Posted: March 13, 2018 15:23


      Right?!!! Especially in such a small space. Thank you Yuni
  • Posted: August 18, 2017 20:33


    Michelle your home is such a happy place with these lovely colors. And yes your wall is a work of art. The painting and the table top paired with those adorable chairs really make all the difference.
    • Posted: August 21, 2017 05:58


      :D Thank you Mary. When you've only got a tiny space to play with you have to make a plan
  • Posted: June 21, 2017 14:47


    Love the whole project! Re the vibrant chairs, did you prep them or just spray? Thank you,
    • Posted: June 21, 2017 15:45


      Hey Donna, thanks so much. We just wiped them down with vinegar before spraying them :D
  • Posted: June 14, 2017 00:56

    FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks

    Very impressive Michelle! Is this your vacation home or your permanent home? Anyway, it looks fascinating! I've always wanted to experiment living small. If you live big, then you just accumulate more stuff. Not good. I love that vignette of greens on the wall. Those green chairs caught my eye b/c I found some discarded on the street that I snapped up. They look exactly like yours. Tell the truth now....do you really eat at your table? Haha, we don't. We eat in the living room on trays. The tables are full of my clutter...sigh.
    • Posted: June 14, 2017 05:44


      LOL Florence, that's what our table looks like in our permanent home. Full of crafty clutter. This little one actually gets used regularly for breakfast in our holiday home. I think probably because she's on the wall it makes it easier not to use her as an extra storage space and she's real easy to take down when we need to eat. I'm so glad you like it and I remember those chairs that you found, they immediately made me think of ours.
  • Posted: February 22, 2016 19:07

    Kathy Burnette

    I love this, but where is the table leg when the table top is flat on the wall?
    • Posted: February 23, 2016 06:40


      Thank you for your lovely comment Kathy. We put the table leg away in a small space next to our kitchen units.
  • Posted: February 19, 2016 15:03


    Where did you get the chairs
    • Posted: February 19, 2016 15:35


      We have a chain store in South Africa called Mr Price Home. (I think they're like the Ikea stores, but I'm not sure - I've never been to an Ikea store :-( ). Anyways they had them on sale a while ago and we bought a few just in case we needed extra chairs for Christmas lunch.
  • Posted: February 19, 2016 13:40


    I need to see pictures of "nuts & bolts" of table attachment on & off the wall. we all know what chairs & paint cans look like. thanx..I have that same wall in my 11 m Paris apt.
    • Posted: February 19, 2016 14:49


      Hi Mari, we'll go down to our holiday home again in about a month or so - I hope. I'll take some pics of the mechanics and update the post for you. In the meantime here's a link to a picture of the hinge we used (hubby says it's called a T-hinge) The long bit was attached to the pine table using screws and the short bit was attached to the wall using rawl bolts. We used an adjustable chrome worktop leg to keep the table up when we use the dining room and when we're done we let the table down and put the leg away. P.S. Hubby also says, we've never seen Paris, we'll come help - lol
  • Posted: December 23, 2015 05:38


    this is such an interesting idea but it requires discipline to put the chairs back up and take them down every time
    • Posted: December 24, 2015 08:23


      Hey Divya, thanx for your comment, you're right about the discipline :-) Space in our little round house is a BIG issue so we're kinda forced to keep it as clutter free as possible. So when the chairs go up and down I like to think of it as a mini work out session, way easier than going to the gym.
  • Posted: November 25, 2015 15:01


    This is cool stuffs... Makes it look so easy :)
    • Posted: November 26, 2015 12:23


      I did the easy stuff, Shaun had to do all the hard work :-) But you're right it was pretty easy, the only thing we struggled with was making sure everything was nicely aligned on the wall.

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