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How to Make a Star Wreath Frame In Any Size

Aaaaaai, Christmas is around the corner. Is it just me or did 2019 go past way too quickly? If it sneaked up on you and you haven’t finished putting up all your festive décor bits then you’re going to love this DIY rustic Scandi inspired star wreath and frame that was made from scratch. Wreaths are not a big thing here in South Africa so finding a frame in any shape or size is nearly impossible. Plus the star is quite large (21″ across) which meant I couldn’t order one online either. Buying one wasn’t an option for us.

If you struggle to find a star wire wreath frame you can make your own using this easy to follow tutorial. #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

So if you have trouble finding a star wreath frame in the right size, I thought I’d share how I made this one and how you can turn it into a Scandi inspired star wreath with faux greenery and homemade ornaments.

Add a few DIY Square Ornaments to the star wire wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

It’s a quick and easy way to create a simple and authentic piece of decor, that can be used indoors or outside.

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What you need to make the star wreath frame

  • Wire cutters
  • A thin piece of wood or thick card stock
  • Vine craft wire or Jewelry wire (10 gauge)

If you’re using jewelry wire you need some burlap twine too.

What you need to make the finished star wreath

  • Faux or real Greenery
  • Tape and Scissors
  • Burlap Twine
  • Ornaments (Optional)

What you need to make a Scandi inspired star wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

How to make the star wreath frame in any size

You can make the frame in two different ways. You could either draw a 5 point star and use this wire art tutorial to create the frame. Or you can do it the quick and easy way using a skewer or thick cardstock and a tiny bit of maths.

The easy way to calculate out how long the sides of a 5 point star are

Start by figuring out how wide (w) you want your star to be. Ours is quite large, 21 inches across, so w = 21. Divide that by number w by 1,618 to get a new number (in our case 12,97″). Let’s call that new number x. Divide x by 1,618 again to determine how long you need to cut your skewer stick or card stock. In my case, I needed to cut the skewer so it was 8″ long.

Use the calculated value to cut the skewer

How to use a skewer stick or card stock to make a 5 point star

Make a small loop in your wire and place it on the skewer stick.

Make a small loop in your wire

Wind the wire around the skewer 9 times.

How to make a star wire wreath from Scratch Step 2 What you need to make a Scandi inspired star wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

Remove the wire from the skewer or card stock and pull it apart slightly to form a wavy form as shown below.

How to make a star wire wreath from Scratch Step 3 What you need to make a Scandi inspired star wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

Pull and join the ends of the wavy shape together to form the 5 point star.

How to make a star wire wreath from Scratch Step 4 What you need to make a Scandi inspired star wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

You should end up with something like this.

The basic star wire wreath frame #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

Sorry, there wasn’t enough space on our craft table to take a photo of the star because it’s is quite big and our craft table has way too much crap stuff on it, so out on the grass was my only option. Go big or go home right 😉 I hope you can see it okay?

If you’re using vine craft wire to make your star frame you can skip the next step. I couldn’t find any so I wrapped the wire star in burlap twine first before adding the faux greenery.

Making the Scandi inspire star wreath

Now for the fun part, turning the star frame into a wreath. Grab a bunch of faux greenery and tape the stalks together.

Adding the faux greenery to the star wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

Wrap some burlap twine around the stalks to hid the tape and trim to size. Tie the faux greenery on to the top of the star and add a few rustic ornaments.

Tie burlap twine around the stalks and hang on the star

I used the square ornaments we made last year for our star wreath.

Add a few DIY Square Ornaments to the star wire wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

The messages of hope, love, and joy seemed fitting and the stained blocks look lovely nestled in their bed of faux greenery.

Add a few DIY Square Ornaments to the star wire wreath #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

You can display the Scandi star wreath on a wall or on a door and they make lovely gifts too.

If you struggle to find a star wire wreath frame you can make your own using this easy to follow tutorial. #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath

Where would you hang yours?

If you like the idea of making your own star wreath frame in any size, don’t forget to pin it for later.

If you struggle to find a star wire wreath frame you can make your own using this easy to follow tutorial. Includes how to turn the wire wreath frame into this gorgeous Scandi inspired star wreath. #WireWreathFrameDIY #EasyStarWreath #aCraftyMix #HowtoWireWreath #StarWireWreath #ScandiWreath

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Wishing you a safe and blessed Festive Season and may your days be full of loving, happy moments. Thank you for being part of our journey here at A Crafty Mix and we’ll see you in the new year.

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  • Posted: December 31, 2019 19:45

    Carolann Iadarola

    You did it again! I adore this star wreath. It's so simple and full of nature, which I just love. I can't wait to try and make one too!
    • Posted: January 1, 2020 13:42


      Thanks so much, Carolann 😘 Hope you have loads of fun making yours
  • Posted: December 30, 2019 13:53

    Linda at Mixed Kreations

    Oh I love your star wreath and the little blocks dangling down. That is very clever winding the wire around the skewer the way you did so that each star point be the same size. I never would have thought of that. I would have done it the hard way and everything would be uneven. LOL
    • Posted: January 1, 2020 13:42


      😉 the skewer trick works like a charm and it does make it so much easier to form the star afterward.
  • Posted: December 23, 2019 18:09


    I love the wreath, all that green is lovely. Wreaths are only put on the doors here at in the UK at Christmas.
    • Posted: December 24, 2019 11:16


      Greenery always makes me happy, even if it's faux 😉 and wreaths are definitely not a big thing here. It seems like it's only in the States and probably Canada where they get used all over the place throughout the year
  • Posted: December 21, 2019 08:07

    Decor Craft Design

    I love it! You can decor the star with any style! You're so creative, Michelle!
  • Posted: December 19, 2019 21:23


    Michelle you always come up with the most beautiful DIYs!
    • Posted: December 20, 2019 04:59


      Thanks so much, Kim. I really appreciate that 😘
  • Posted: December 16, 2019 22:09

    Linda Krenz

    Michelle, this is such a pretty piece. I love it!
  • Posted: December 16, 2019 18:13


    I love the simplicity and texture of your star. Thanks so much for sharing. Pinned for later.
    • Posted: December 17, 2019 05:41


      You're most welcome Meegan and thank you for the pin
  • Posted: December 16, 2019 17:28


    It's beautiful, Michelle ❤️ It's hard to find wire star forms here too unless you deconstruct an old readymade one. Great tutorial on how to make one instead!
    • Posted: December 17, 2019 05:41


      Glad you found it helpful Marie 😘
  • Posted: December 16, 2019 13:51


    This is really pretty, great DIY idea!
  • Posted: December 16, 2019 13:09


    This is a lovely wreath Michelle and you know I am a fool for all of that twine. I did not know wreaths are not big there. What do they normally decorate with for the holidays?
    • Posted: December 17, 2019 05:40


      That's a good question, Mary. We don't normally decorate our front doors, because whatever we put up will probably get stolen 🤔 We also typically associate round wreaths with funerals, so it seems a bit strange to use them as decor. I have started seeing wreaths in the larger stores, but they're very basic and there's not much variety. Many people do go all out with their Christmas trees and they'll put lots of lights up outside on the roof, although that doesn't happen so often anymore. We've been having daily power cuts (load shedding) 🙄

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