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Making a Shelf for an Amazing Cook – DIY

I have a confession to make – I’m a really awful cook 🙁 I can toss a salad together, but that’s about it. Fortunately hubby is an undercover Master Chef and I have a best  friend who runs her own catering business, so I figure, I have all my bases covered. Talking about best friends, Freda is also moving soon and I wanted to make her something for her new house to say thank you for all the times she’s bailed me out from all my cooking experiments that went horribly wrong. She really loved the HOME shelf we made a few months ago so it seemed like a good idea to make her something similar. We tossed some ideas around ( 😀 see what I did there?) and came up with an idea to make a COOK shelf for all her recipe books and other kitchen-y bits.

Just some pallets and an idea new to make a cook shelf

Just some pallets and an idea

The shelf had to be wide enough to hold her recipe books and while pallets come in all shapes and sizes, the pieces are usually not very wide. We ended up using a pine shelf that’s been hiding in our garage for a few years and pallets to make the COOK shelf.

The pieces

1 x Piece of wood 94 cm long x 20 cm wide (37″ x 7 7/8″)

For the C
  • 1 x 24 cm (9.5″)
  • 1 x 20 cm (7 7/8 “)
For the two O’s
  • 4 x 24 cm (9.5″)
  • 2 x 20 cm (7 7/8 “)
For the K
  • 1 x 24 cm (9.5″)
  • 2 x 20 cm (7 7/8 “)

The C and the O’s are pretty easy. No weird angles or anything but the K had me stumped. I think the hardest bit about making the shelf was trying to figure out what angle to cut the K pieces. It was almost as bad as trying to figure out how on earth you can bake something blind. Really, who thinks of these things? I drew triangles until I saw angles everywhere. I even hauled out my old trig books and then I found this little app that made it way easier. Don’t you just love the internet. Anyways to make the K we needed to cut the 20 cm pieces so that there’s a 39 degree angle on the one end and a 51 degree angle on the other side.

The bits that make up the letters for the cook shelf

The bits that make up the letters

When all the K stress was over and the bits had been cut we just sanded the pallets and started to put the bits together. We used L-shaped brackets and gorilla glue to join the O’s and C and a nail gun to attached the legs of the K to the backbone. ( I really hope that makes sense, it sounds so weird writing it. Let me know if it’s confusing and I’ll try and explain a little better).

Making the C and the O for the cook shelf

Making the C and the O

All the letters for the cook shelf are done

All the letters are done

The O‘s are just big enough to fit large salt and pepper shakers.

Check if the salt fits in the Os for the cook shelf

Check if the salt fits

Once we were happy with the all the bits we stained and painted the letters and the pine shelf.

Stain and paint the bits for the cook shelf

Stain and paint

Because the shelf is going to be used in the kitchen we sealed everything with water-based polyurethane.  To attach the letters to the shelf we used L-shaped brackets and gorilla glue.  The C and the K are positioned towards the back of the “COOK” shelf and the O’s are in front.

Attaching the letters for the cook shelf

Attaching the letters

To hang the shelves we used galvanized pipes and flanges which we screwed into the wall.

Galvanized pipes to hang thre cook shelf

Galvanized pipes to hang

The galvanized pipes are strong enough to support the weight of the shelves and all the other bits and pieces Freda might want to add.

Hanging the "cook" shelf

Hanging the “COOK” shelf

The C is perfect for smaller recipe books.

The C on the "cook" shelf

The C

And the O‘s can store all those spices that get used everyday.

The Os on the "cook" shelf

The Os

The K works really well as a bookend and I’m happy to say the angles worked out 😎

The K on the "cook" shelf

The K

Old world charm

Old world charm

This shelf is cooking. Full tutorial on the blog

This shelf is cooking

I’m really happy with how it turned out, angles and all. Thank you Freda for all the beautiful cakes you’ve made for my kids and teaching them how to do cartwheels. Thank you for teaching me how to make lasagna and veggies in the Micro and for all the ice-cold beers we’ve shared over the years. Love you too bits.

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  • Posted: August 6, 2016 18:56

    Mary-the boondocks blog

    Your friend must be over the moon in love with this. I just realized it says cook. What a very cool idea Michelle and a great way to thank her for her help.
    • Posted: August 7, 2016 08:31


      Lol, thank you Mary
  • Posted: August 1, 2016 11:01


    I could never pull something like this off, it's genius! You're genius! What a great idea and gift for your friend!
    • Posted: August 1, 2016 13:43


      Oh wow, thank you :-) but looking at all the beautiful things you make I'm sure you'll be able to do it and add your own unique KreativK flair.
      • Posted: August 6, 2016 18:27


        Hahaha, I'm not sure with this, you could make it and I decorate it, lol! That would be more my thing! :)
        • Posted: August 7, 2016 08:26


          You have a deal :-)
  • Posted: July 28, 2016 21:56


    I just love these shelves! You make it look so easy! Great work. Just love it!
    • Posted: July 29, 2016 07:45


      Thank you so much Carolann, besides figuring out how the K should fit it actually was really easy.
  • Posted: July 28, 2016 15:11

    Jacky @ Joyful Savings

    Awesome! It looks easy enough, and I love the rustic look it has! Great job! Joyful Savings recently posted: Clean Your Microwave in 1,2,3—It’s Like Magic!
    • Posted: July 29, 2016 07:32


      Thank you Jacky :-)
  • Posted: July 27, 2016 06:47


    Oh My Goodness.. This is too Cool. Well, Well Done!!!
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:35


      ;-) Thanks you Anon :-)
  • Posted: July 26, 2016 17:36


    Absolutely Incredible, well done!
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:34


      Thank you soooo much Sweeney
  • Posted: July 26, 2016 17:33

    Collin Clarkson

    10/10 Love it!!!
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:34


      Awwww thank you Collin ;-)
  • Posted: July 26, 2016 17:05


    Michelle, this cook shelf is awesome!! I'm sure your friend, Freda, will love it!! :)
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:34


      Thank you so much Keri, she's such an awesome person. I can't tell you how many times she's saved me from a bad cooking experience :D
  • Posted: July 26, 2016 16:54


    Can't wait to have it in the kitchen.
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:31


      Freda? Is that you? ;-)
      • Posted: September 19, 2016 14:01

        Diana Studer

        hope so ;~) What a wonderful idea in every way. I've only just got to - when I grow up I'll have a shelf IN the kitchen for the recipe books.
        • Posted: September 19, 2016 14:03


          Hello Diana ;-)

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