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Nifty Little Re-cycled Beer Holder

Keep your beer safe between sips with these easy to make, nifty little beer holders. All you need is some old tins, spray paint, wood off cuts, washers , 8 mm thread bar and some 8 mm nuts.

What you need to make some nifty beer holders

What you need to make some nifty beer holders

The tins we used were a quite deep, which made it a little difficult to grab a beer if it was in a can – it kinda get lost inside the tins. So we cut circles from wood off cuts using a hole saw and then we drilled a 8 mm hole in the center of each wooden circle and in the bottom of the tin cans.

Hole saw

Use a hole saw to cut circles for the bottom of the cans

We sprayed the cans and wooden circles using some left over Rust-Oleum textured paint from one of our other projects and began joining up all the bits. Take a 8 mm nut and thread it onto the thread bar, then add a big, fat washer, insert the thread bar into the tin can , add another big fat washer and another nut. Tighten the nuts and squish the wooden circle onto the thread bar on the inside of the can.

DIY beer holder

Joining all the bits for your nifty beer holder

Now go grab your favourite beverage, jab your nifty little holder in the grass and your ready to go, safe in the knowledge that your newly opened beer won’t tip over 😎

beer holder

Nifty little beer holder

A Crafty Mix

P.S. For a personal touch add some chalk board labels.

P.S.S Plonk some ice cubes in the tin can before inserting your beer for that perfectly chilled effect


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    What does it say?
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      Hee, hee, it say's "Sarel se Dop" ;-)
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    :) :) :) Hmmmmm...
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