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Use an Old Sweater to make a Copper Pipe Bed


I have an old sweater that’s definitely seen better day, but our cats love cuddling on it and I couldn’t bear to throw it out. Have you ever had a house full of depressed cats? It’s not pleasant. To keep our purr babies happy, the sweater has to stay. We decided to reuse that old sweater and make the kitties a real cuddle, snuggle bed using some copper bits. Copper is in right now right?

Copper fittings and an old sweater can be used to make a kitty bed

Copper fittings and an old sweater

To make the copper bed we used:
  • 4 copper T-pieces
  • 4 copper elbows
  • 1 copper pipe
  • an old sweater (If you don’t have an old sweater, you can use an kind of material that’s soft and kitty friendly).

Measure the length of the biggest kitty, excluding the tail,  and add 5 cm (about 2″ for my American friends). Merlin is our big boy and is just over 37 cm long so we cut two pieces of copper pipe measuring 42 cm (16.5″). You might remember Merlin? He’s the one that stole the pool noodle bed we made for one of our other fur kids.

Merlin's gorgeous eyes

Merlin’s gorgeous eyes

The 42 cm pieces will form the long sides of the copper and sweater bed. We also cut two pieces measuring 33 cm (13″) to form the foot and head of the bed and four smaller pieces of measuring 4 cm (1.5″). These small pieces will be used to join the T-Pieces to the copper elbows. Depending on how high you want the bed to be off the floor cut four legs from the copper pipe.

All the copper bits needed to make the sweater and copper pipe bed

All the copper bits

So we have:
  • 4 copper T-pieces
  • 4 copper elbows
  • 2 x 42 cm pieces (long sides of the bed)
  • 2 x 33 cm pieces (head and foot of the bed)
  • 4 x short 4 cm join bits
  • 4 x legs (ours are 15 cm aka 6″ long)

We used this awesome contraption to cut the copper pipes. You can find it at any hardware store. Just ask for a tubing cutter, it’s so easy to use and cuts aluminium, copper, PVC and brass.

Cutting the copper pipe to make the bed for the fur babies

Cutting the copper pipe

To put the copper bed frame together we used Gorilla Glue or cement glue to join:

  • The legs to the bottom of the T-pieces
  • The elbows to the 33 cm (13″) head and foot pieces
  • The 4 cm (1.5″) bits to the other side of the elbows

You should end up with something like the picture on the right.

Attaching the bits to make the sweater bed

Attaching the bits

While the glue was drying I cut the trimming off the sweater and folded it as shown in the picture below.

Folding the sweater part 1 to make the bed

Folding the sweater part 1

Lay the sweater face up and fold the sides in by about 10 cm (4 “).

Folding the sweater to make the bed

Folding the sweater Part 2

Then push the arms underneath and sew up the folded sides to form a pocket for the long copper pieces to slide through.

Merlin trying to help with the sewing sweater to make the bed

Merlin trying to help with the sewing

Try avoid sewing one of your purr babies to the sweater. Merlin’s not quite sure what’s happening to his favorite cuddle spot. Do you think he’s trying to stop me or help? Anyways, when the sewing’s done, the glue should be dry and all that’s left is to put the bed together.

Insert the long pipes and attach the legs

Insert the long pipes and attach the legs

Flip the sweater over so the arms are facing up and slip one arm into the other to form a cushion. You can stuff the arms with some batting to make it extra “poofy” and then push the longer copper pipes into the pockets on the sides. Join the ends to the T-piece legs and finish off the frame by pushing in the short head and footer pieces.

The finished copper pipe and sweater bed

The finished bed

Use Gorilla glue to glue the frame together if it seems unstable. Our pipes fit really snuggly, except for one of the legs. I think I pushed too hard when I cut the one of those little 4 cm pipes.

Let the cats test out the sweater and copper pipe bed

Let the cats test it out

I'm getting sleepy

Go away mom

Out for the count

Out for the countWhoooo, whoooo, I think Merlin likes his new, re-purposed old sweater copper pipe bed. What do you think?

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  • Posted: November 5, 2016 00:24


    Hi Michelle: That is one very well tended very pampered cat. You can see him purring in satisfaction. It obviously has Merlin's seal of approval.
    • Posted: November 5, 2016 07:13


      Lol Leanna, of all our purr babies, Merlin is the big lover. There's nothing he enjoys more than getting cuddles and pampering
  • Posted: October 19, 2016 15:26


    With that long black fur and green eyes Merlin looks so much like our cat, Winston J., that I chocked up for a moment. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge Christmas Eve of 2014 and we still miss him so much. He would certainly have hogged the bed too, no doubt. If I build one for our big Tuxedo boy, then both of our little Snowshoe girls can sleep on it together. Love the copper and the "fur" on it. I've been wanting to build them a bed and I really like this one.
    • Posted: October 20, 2016 06:11


      Oh Connie, I'm so sorry to hear about Winston J. They always take a piece of our heart with them when they cross over. Sending you and your other fur babies lots of love.
  • Posted: September 11, 2016 14:56


    You can buy 4 copper end caps to put on bottom of each leg so the cut copper does not snag on bedding or carpet or whatever you set the bed in...just a thought
    • Posted: September 14, 2016 06:07


      Oh that's brilliant, thank you ;-)
  • Posted: August 16, 2016 18:25


    Merlin looks sooo happy on his new bed! What a clever way to repurpose that sweater. The things we do for our fur babies :)
    • Posted: August 17, 2016 06:49


      Yup, our fur babies are like children ;-)
  • Posted: August 16, 2016 17:41

    Sarah Jean

    i LOVE this!! Merlin also looks just like my cat Squeakers.
    • Posted: August 17, 2016 06:55


      Thank you Sarah and if Squeakers is anything like Merlin, your purr baby will probably love it too ;-)
  • Posted: August 1, 2016 10:59


    This bed is so so freakin cute Michelle, love this idea, you're so super creative and innovative! I wonder if our bunnies would love somthing like it for the winter maybe...? You got me thinkin...
    • Posted: August 1, 2016 13:41


      I think your bunnies would love it Katrin, maybe they'll stay away from all the pot plants. Send photos please when you're done, I'd love to see.
  • Posted: July 29, 2016 23:47


    Merlin is one happy cat. What an elegant bed for Merlin to relax in!
    • Posted: August 1, 2016 07:26


      Thank you Debra, I must say Merlin really enjoys his new bed and I'll have to get my butt into gear and make one for the other purr babies. He's not giving them a chance, lol!!
  • Posted: July 29, 2016 17:02

    Julia - Vintage with Laces

    The bed turned out great and Merlin looks happy and content. Great DIY idea! I always love a project for the kitties. :)
    • Posted: August 1, 2016 07:28


      Me too, thank you Julia.
  • Posted: July 26, 2016 22:54


    This is too cute! I love how you upcycled the cozy sweater for your pumpkin. Such a great idea, CoCo
    • Posted: July 27, 2016 07:38


      Hey Coco, thank you so much. I loved that sweater but I think our purr babies loved it more.
  • Posted: July 25, 2016 02:44


    Clever idea AND Merlin is gorgeous ! Would like to know how you made his picture and the eyes were not red.
    • Posted: July 25, 2016 08:09


      Thank you Martha. The pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy and I must say the I'm really impressed with the camera. I didn't have to do anything except push a button. Thanks so much for coming to say hi.
  • Posted: July 24, 2016 23:49


    Merlin is sooooo handsome. You are a great "fur" mom!
    • Posted: July 25, 2016 08:07


      Thanks Devra and I agree Merlin is a very handsome kitty ;-)
  • Posted: July 24, 2016 20:35


    Love your kitty bed and adore your kitty! I have his twin in white!!!
    • Posted: July 25, 2016 08:06


      Aaawww thank you Anon. His white twin must be gorgeous.
  • Posted: July 22, 2016 19:44


    WOW!! Tooo Much Tooo Cool Well Done aCraftyMix...👍❤
    • Posted: July 24, 2016 08:52


      Lol, thank Will :D
  • Posted: July 22, 2016 17:45


    Michelle, what a wonderful bed for your sweet little fur baby!! It looks like it's already a big hit with Merlin. Such a great idea!!
    • Posted: July 22, 2016 19:34


      Thank you my friend :-) Merly is hogging the bed big time. I'll have to make three more for our other kitties.

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